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Monthly Acquisitions october 2020

It has been like a pre Pandemic month, collecting wise with a diverse range of models picked up from various locations around Tbilisi. A mix of old and new, different brands, different types of vehicle. Also going over budget…oops!

October 2020 haul

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels haul
  1. Land Rover Defender Double Cab It is strange seeing Land Rovers in the Hot Wheels range, they seem more suited to the Matchbox brand. (Corgi also had a lot of Land Rovers) What is the difference between Hot Wheels and Matchbox?
  2. ’69 Custom Volkswagen Squareback I like the classic Volkswagens from the sixties and early seventies.
  3. Wheel Loader A tractor shovel with a hot rod engine, another strange kind of vehicle for Hot Wheels, not the kind of vehicle I’d usually collect, I might give it to my grandson.
  4. Dragster. This was a McDonald’s Happy Meals toy. Made in Vietnam.
  5. Batmobile. This is a really odd cross over: a Batmobile in Scooby Doo style livery. Batmobile
  6. ’89 Porsche 944 Turbo. This is the second time I’ve bought this model, I wanted to keep one on the card and have one loose. I love all pre 2000 Porsches.


Matchbox haul October 2020

Just three Matchbox vehicles this month.

  1. Hovercraft This is a SuperKings model 1:116 scale. It works like a Rola-matics car, when you push it along the radar and propellor revolve. This was a bargain at just 2 lari (less than $1). Hovercraft Made in England
  2. Scania T142 tractor cab. I have a trailer this can pull.
  3. Peugeot 305 Also SuperKings. This car is heavily playworn missing its left hand side A pillar, but the wheels still roll, the doors and boot still open. My father had a Peugeot 305, when we were growing up, this was after a long succession of Fords, a Moskvitch and an Opel. He would go onto buy two more Peugeots. My Dad’s Cars Made in England

Other Brands

Other brands October 2020
  1. FAB 1 Lady Penelope’s Car. This is plastic but the wings spring out when you push down on the canopy. Dinky had many vehicles related to Gerry Anderson’s TV programmes like Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet.
  2. Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa (Bburago) 1:43 Scale. I was visiting the Goodwill hypermarket in Didi Dighomi and I really wanted to get at least one diecast car. They didn’t have any Matchbox and very few Hot Wheels. There were some Maisto, which seemed overpriced, they had shelves stoced with larger scale models (1:24 and 1:18). Finally I decided on the Ferrari, I’m not impressed by the Bburago wheels but it is a beautiful car.
  3. Kamaz Cement Mixer. 1:43 scale. I have a weakness for Cement Mixers. This model was from Dry Bridge Market and is made in Russia.
  4. Citroen Bertone Camargue (Majorette) 1:55 scale. This model was from Beso at Dry Bridge Market Bonanza Time! It is from the seventies and comes complete with a box. Made in France
  5. New Mini (Realtoy). This was very cheap, it looks as though the previous owner handpainted the roof, it also looks slightly burnt. Made in China


Totals: 14 Models:  6 Hot Wheels,3 Matchbox 1 Majorette, 1 Realtoy, 1 Bburago, 1 Made in China brand unknown, 1 Made in Russia brand unknown

5 Bought new, 9 bought secondhand, 

Outlets:  3 Dry Bridge Market, 6 Secondhand Toy Shops, 2 Carrefour, 2 Pepela and 1 Goodwill

Net expenditure: 158.20 lari ($48.83)

1 lari = 31 US cents


Norev selection of French Cars
French cars by Norev

Norev is a French diecast manufacturer like Majorette and Solido. I started my Norev collection with  three models acquired on a trip to Paris in 2012 (remember the days when we could travel freely?). I now have ten Norev models.

The first three cars were “RETRO” models of fifties French cars: Citroën DS, Citroën 2CV and Renault Dauphine. Three iconic French cars, especially the Citroëns. The scales are between 1:54 for the Renault and the 2CV and 1:58 for the DS.

The models are “Designed in France” but made in China, like many other “European” brands.

Norev do other scales including 1:43 and a nice Citroen SM in 1:18.

They also have a website with some interesting but rather pricey models.

The Norev models I have found secondhand in Tbilisi have all been made in France,  usually they are of French cars like these Renaults.

Norev Renaults
4 Norev Renaults

I also found these two concept cars:  a Maserati Boomerang (1:64 scale) and a Mercedes C111 (1:43 scale).

Norev Maserati Boomerang and Mercedes C111
Mercedes C 111 and Maserati Boomerang



Chevrolet or “Chevy” is a division of GM. Producers of the fantastic Corvette.

I have a lot of Chevrolets in my collection of diecasts,  Chevrolet is second only numerically to Ford.

Chevrolet 105 3
100+ Chevrolets

I have at least 104 Chevrolets in my collection, I don’t buy into the Ford v Chevy rivalry as I love both brands, the second and third generations of the Chevrolet Corvette look amazing to me.

As an iconic American brand, it is unsurprising that most of my Chevrolets are Hot Wheels (65 of them).

Chevrolet HW x 65
Hot Wheels Chevrolets

Hot Wheels put out several new Chevys each year. Aside from the Corvettes, I love collecting the Wagons and Gassers.

The”Gasser” looks ready for a drag race. The 55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser casting hearkens back to the old school style of Gasser Drag Race cars. With an exposed big block engine, fender well headers, ladder bars, aluminum fuel tank, this 2 lane blacktop brawler can take them all on.

55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser (Hot Wheels)

I also like convertibles.

Chevrolet convertibles
Chevrolet Convertibles/Roadsters

I have 40 Corvettes, a car that has been in production since 1953, named after a small manoeuvrable warship, there have been eight generations of Corvette to date, my favourites being the second (1963-1967) and third (1968-1982) generations. Designed to interest returned American servicemen who had fallen under the spell of Jaguars, MGs and Triumphs during their World War II service in Europe, the Chevrolet Corvette was the first proper American sports car.

Chevrolet Corvette x 40
Chevrolet Corvette x 40

For a long time the 1:24 scale Maisto 1970 Chevrolet Corvette was the largest model in my collection, it is still my biggest Chevrolet but now a 1:18 Scale Mercedes 300SL is my biggest model.
Whilst most of my Chevys are standard Hot Wheels (3 inch) size, I do have a few larger models, including two rather beat up Corgi Chevrolet Stingrays.

Chevrolet larger scales
larger scale Chevys 1:43-1:24 scale

Matchbox has put out far fewer Chevrolets than Hot Wheels, but I still have 21 in my collection.

Chevrolet MBX
Matchbox Chevrolets x 21

Other brands include Maisto, Jada, Bburago, Corgi, Lledo, Kinsmart, TootsieToys and Welly.

Chevrolet not MBX or HW
18 Chevrolets from brands other than Hot Wheels or Matchbox



9 Motorbikes

Motorbikes for me are a little like table tennis. Cars are like football. I love playing table tennis and riding motorbikes but I prefer to watch or look at cars or football. I have a few diecast motorcycles in my collection.  Maisto have a wide selection of model motorbikes, Hot Wheels have maybe 5 or 6 bikes in their range of 250 models in the mainline series, Matchbox have had a few motorcycles in their range, too. The first diecast bike I bought was a Hot Wheels Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, I’m not a particular fan of Harley Davidson, I prefer faster Japanese or Italian Motorbikes (Yamaha, Kawasaki or Ducati).


Motorbikes Hot Wheels x 4
4 Hot Wheels motorbikes: BMW K-1300R, Honda Z50 Monkey, Ducati 1199 Panigale and Harley Davidson Fat Boy

The Hot Wheels packaging art has a rider but the bike doesn’t. Motorbikes are inherently unstable at rest. Matchbox put out a few Motorcycle combinations (motorbike and sidecar) in the sixties, the third wheel balancing the model without the need for a stand. My Harley-Davidson doesn’t have a stand but it has a very fat back tyre so it can stand unassisted. All the Hot Wheels bikes have wide fat wheels so they can stand unassisted but they can’t race very far along the track…

Benelli TNT 1130 Century racer
Benelli TNT 1130 Century Racer (Bburago)

At 1/18 Scale I have a  Benelli TNT 1130 Century Racer (Bburago) and a Yamaha YZR F7 (Maisto). These have retractable stands for display. They are nicely detailed models but mostly plastic only the fuel tank is diecast. I don’t expect to add many more bikes to my collection but it would be nice to find a Triumph  sometime.

Motorbikes Yamaha and Benelli
Yamaha YZR F7 and Benelli TNT 1130

The two Matchbox bikes I have are both BMWs. A police BMW R1200RT-P with European style police livery and  a BMW R1200 GS “Military Police” minus its windshield.

Motorbikes Matchbox
Matchbox BMW Motorcycles

I also have a BMW R1100 RS “ADAC”* made by Siku (model number #1324). This is more detailed than the Mattel models and has steerable front forks.

Motorbikes Siku ADAC
BMW R1100 RS “ADAC” (Siku)

*ADAC = Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club (the German Automobile Club)

Monthly Acquisitions: November 2018

May and June were crazy months for collecting, and after a few rather restrained months, November sees the craziness return. This craziness is connected to the Secondhand Toy Store near the Station having had a lot of “new” stock. I posted about this : That Box Looks Interesting and Another Interesting Haul. Now as the month approaches the end I can reflect on all the models I have added to my ever growing collection.

Haul November
November haul: 47 models

Most of the models were in the 3 inch size (1:64) I prefer. There were a few larger models, like the Matchbox Super Kings Fire Tender (61⁄4” long and 1:55 scale) and a 1:38 Jaguar E Type. There were also some smaller models like the Cararama Peugeot 206.


Haul November Matchbox
Matchbox Acquistions (12)

The Super Kings Fire Tender was possibly the highlight, the model was introduced into the range in 1973 and produced until 1984. I am always happy to find Lesney Era (1953-1982) models, from this era I also found my first Vantastic and Plymouth Gran Fury. I also found models I already had like DeTomaso Pantera GTS, Cosmobile and Porsche 910. My interest in Matchbox doesn’t end with the end of the Lesney era…the Ford Cargo makes a suitable tractor cab for a trailer I found a while back.

Ford Cargo and Trailer

The VW Transporter is always welcome (although I’d be more excited with the regular wheels VW Camper (#34) from the late sixties). The Oshkosh HEMTT A4 is missing its container, but seems fitting transport for Battering Ram a militarised police vehicle, I bought a few emergency vehicles this month, also a Ford Police Interceptor in Fire Dept livery and a Dodge Monaco Police Car.


The large number of Siku models I found this month suggest the stock came from Germany originally. Siku is a German brand, Siku historically could be seen as the “German Matchbox”. I haven’t seen any new models in the toy shops here for a couple of years, they were more expensive than Hot Wheels and Matchbox.

Haul November Siku
Siku Acquisitions (7)

Separate rubber tyres add to the realism of the models, but on the Porsche Cayenne Turbo they are missing. The Mercedes GLK was obviously parked in a better, more secure neighbourhood and still retains its tyres. The hyrdraulic crane has a boom that extends and the operator’s cab turns on its base. The Porsche 959 and Polizei Helicopter are made in Germany, the other models in China. The BMW R1100 Motorcycle is in ADAC livery (ADAC = Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Clubthe German Automobile Club).

Siku, Made in Germany


If Siku can be considered the German Matchbox, Majorette can be seen as the French Matchbox.

Haul November Majorette
Majorette acquisitions (6)

The Fourgon  Ice Cream Van is actually made in France, the other models are more recent and made in Thailand. The Jaguar F Type and Lamborghini Aventador were bought new from XS Toys, the only outlet for new Majorettes in Tbilisi. I had been searching an F Type for quite a while, in the Racing Cars theme it retails here at 15.50 GEL ($5.82). The regular line of Street Cars retail at 7.95 GEL ($2.98) which is the same price as Hot Wheels or Matchbox here. I got a Black Friday 30% discount but it was still 10.90 GEL ($4.09). The Chevrolet Impala was a long running casting for Majorette (1986-2010) and appeared in several different liveries, here as a “Military Police” car. The Honda Prelude is missing its windscreen.

Hot Wheels

I have more Hot Wheels than any other brand, this month I picked up some more.

Haul November Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels acquisitions (8)

I picked up a three pack for the yellow Ford Escort RS 1600, my dad had a first generation Escort (an 1100L not an RS 1600), the shape has a lot of nostalgic associations for me (My Dad’s Cars). In the pack were also an Infiniti G37 and a ’15 Dodge Challenger.P1750414myp

I also bought the Porsche 934 Turbo RSR new, looking great with in green without unnecessary tampos. The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, by contrast, looks great in its elaborate decoration. Hot Wheels Ferraris are always worth picking up, Mattel no longer has a Ferrari licence, I was happy to find the 612 Scaglietti.

Other Brands

I found a variety of models from other manufacturers.

Haul November other
Other Brands (14)

The monthly haul included two Corgi Juniors Ford Gran Torino Fire Chief cars, the two models are different, the stickers are different, one has a chromed plastic base, the other a plain white base, and one has a diecast post for the roof siren, the other has lost its plastic siren in the car’s interior. There were a few Chinese made models, an Audi Quattro “Notarzt” (emergency doctor) by Welly, a Mercedes SLK also by Welly, a 1:38 scale Jaguar E Type Cabriolet, some smaller scale models (Porsche 356 (Schuco), Peugeot 206 (Cararama), Beer Truck and Audi TT (Joy City)) and a Lancia Stratos of unknown brand. There is a Tootsie Toys Pick up Truck made in USA and a Lada 2107 (инкотекс with many opening features made in Russia. A Bburago Ferrari 512, made in Italy and a detailed Atlas Magirus Deutz Mercur Fire Truck in 1:72 scale (Made in China).

There were many emergency vehicles.



Totals: 47 Models: 12 Matchbox, 8 Hot Wheels, 6 Majorette, 7 Siku, 2 Welly, 2 Corgi, 1 инкотекс, 1 TootsieToys, 1 Cararama, 1 Schuco, 1 Joy City, 1 Bburago, 1 Atlas and three Chinese models of unknown brand

6 bought new, 41 bought secondhand

Outlets: 40 Secondhand Toy Stores, 5 XS Toys, 1 Carrefour and  1 from Isaak in Vagzlis Basroba

Net expenditure: 164.80 lari ($61.84)

1 lari = 38 US cents


Monthly Acquisitions September 2018

I posted earlier in the month about some of my acquisitions (so far this month…).

haul to 20 September

I have since added another 7 models.

Seven more models.

The Lotus Esprit S1 is the only one purchased new. I have a list of 2018 Hot Wheels, I would be interested in, but I either haven’t seen them on the pegs or I’m waiting for a -30% sale to buy them.

Hot Wheels 2018 models I’m looking for:

  1. Nissan Fairlady Z (seen)
  2. Timeshifter (seen)
  3. Lamborghini Countach Pace Car in white (I have the red one)
  4. ’95 Mazda RX7
  5. Ford Escort RS 1600 (Hot Wheels Race Team colours)
  6. Porsche 917 LH
  7. Nissan Skyline R30
  8. Audi RS6 Avant

I would list the Matchbox I want, too, but the only new Matchbox models I’ve seen here are from the Jurassic World series. On the pegs, when I can find Matchbox models, there are still 2015 models (and not the interesting ones!). I did find some interesting Matchbox models secondhand. The Ghe-O Predator, a 2017 model is more recent than the new models in the shops, bizarrely.

Monthly acquisitions september 2018 Matchbox
11 Matchbox models

      1. Model A Van “Matchbox Series” – I like models with diecast brand names displayed. I swapped a DeAgostini fire truck for this at Dry Bridge Market.
      2. Ghe-O Predator – this looks like a fantasy model but is based on a real car, Ghe-O is a Romanian manufacturer of extreme off-road vehicles.

        Ghe-O Predator
      3. Ford Crown Victoria “Police”
      4. Meter Made “NYPD” – the second variant, I have of this casting.
      5. Chevy Avalanche – the second variant, I have of this casting, too.
      6. Crop Master – a tractor
      7. Chevy Van “Jake and the Never Land Pirates”
      8. VW Type 181
      9. Lotus Europa Special
      10. Mercedes 500SL
      11. Ferrari 512BB Matchbox Specials series



I also added 9 Hot Wheels models to my collection.

Monthly acquisitions september 2018 HW
9 Hot Wheels

  1. Ford Taurus “Bill Elliott”, I don’t follow NASCAR but I like the deco of the cars.
  2. Bone Shaker, an iconic Hot Wheels fantasy model
  3. Lancia Stratos, one of my favourite castings
  4. Mazda Furai, my second variant of this casting
  5. Ferrari F50
  6. ’71 Datsun 510 Wagon
  7. Morris Mini “George Harrison” – part of the Beatles series
  8. Ambulance with opening rear doors
  9. Lotus Esprit S1 the only model bought new this month

Matchbox and Hot Wheels continue to dominate my purchases. I only bought three models from other brands.

Monthly acquisitions september 2018 other
Big Bird’s Car, ’34 Ford Model A “Dunlop” Truck and Maserati Merak

  1. Big Bird’s Car – from the early eighties, featuring a popular character from The Muppets (Hasbro)
  2.  ’34 Ford Model A “Dunlop” Truck – from Days Gone (more about the brand: (Lledo/Days Gone)
  3. Maserati Merak – this is a cheap Chinese model in a rather playworn condition, but I love the styling of the Maserati.

Many of this month’s acquisitions have been variants or duplicates of various casting I already had.

Monthly acquisitions sept 2018 doubles
doubling up

I wonder if I really need two Meter Mades in the same colour.

Meter made x 2
Meter Made

The month also saw me selling a few models at Dry Bridge Market.


Totals: 23 Models: 9 Hot Wheels, 11 Matchbox, 1 Days Gone, 1 Hasbro and 1 unidentified Chinese brand

1 bought new, 22 bought secondhand

Outlets: 14 Secondhand Toy Stores, 1 XS Toys, 5 Clothing Market and 3 Dry Bridge Market

Net expenditure: 62.65 lari ($25.16)

1 lari = 40 US cents

Monthly Acquisitions: June 2018

As with last month (Monthly Acquisitions: May 2018) I begin some days before the month has ended. This month has been rather crazy, so far I have added 56 models to my collection. The Secondhand Toy Store near the Station has had a lot of “new” stock. I have found a lot of Matchbox cars, some dating back to the early seventies, at around 2.50 lari (about $1) a model it has been difficult to resist the many temptations.

56 models added

I posted earlier about 9 June when I Came Across a Matchbox Carry Case in the Secondhand Toy Store .  On my last visit to the Secondhand Store (Thursday) they showed me a large sack of toy cars, which I methodically went through, most were plastic Chinese cars of recent manufacture, but there were some treasures. I picked out nine models including Dragon Wheels a model first issued back in 1972.

What I picked out of the sack

I was also pleased to find the Mercedes 190E 2.6, a Corgi Casting  used by Hot Wheels (Corgi – Hot Wheels).

24 Matchbox finds this month

Half the Matchbox vehicles date from the 1970s, so come with that frisson of nostalgia that keeps me looking for more. Some of the more recent Matchbox models like the Ice Cream Van and the SWAT Truck are more plastic than diecast.
Particular highlights for me were the Ford Escort RS2000, Piston Popper, VW Dormobile Ambulance, Dragon Wheels and Renault 5TL.

There were plenty of Hot Wheels too in my search.

17 Hot Wheels finds

The Nissan 180SX and Mazda RX7 were the only ones bought new. The Mazda RX7 was a Mystery Model but it isn’t a mystery if you know what to look for as I show in this video: Mazda RX 7 Mystery Model (YouTube link)

Particular highlights for me aside from the new cars were the Mercedes 190E 2.6, Ford Anglia Panel Van, Lamborghini Murcielago and ’87 Toyota Pick Up (with real rider tires).

Then there were an interesting selection of other brands.

a selection of other brands

The selection includes a Majorette Tuk-Tuk (1:47 scale), a Corgi Juniors Batmobile (with Batman figure), a Tomica Toyota Harrier, a Johnny Lightning Doc E Brown Van (from Back to the Future), a Siku Liebehr Radlader (1:87 scale), a Santapod Gloworm (Corgi) and a Kamaz Cage Truck of Soviet origin.

Sometimes I will buy cheaper Chinese models if they represent a car I like, which I haven’t found in the better quality brands, this was the case with the AMC Pacer and Porsche 924.

AMC Pacer and Porsche 924

Totals: 56 Models: 17 Hot Wheels, 24 Matchbox, 2 Majorette, 2 Corgi, 2 Maisto, 2 ERTL, 1 Johnny Lightning, 1 Tomica, 1 Siku, 1 Bburago, 1 from USSR (brand unknown) and 2 from China (brand unknown)

3 bought new, 53 bought secondhand

Outlets: 44 Secondhand Toy Store, 4 Cheap Secondhand Toy Store ,3 Clothing Market, 2 Dry Bridge Market, 2 Pepela and 1 XS Toys

Total cost: 157 lari ($64.08)

1 lari = 41 US cents


Kinsmart 1967 VW Beetle Police

Box 6 (82 vehicles)

Continuing with the Count of my collection , I wanted to look in more detail at the models which I have. I want to know how many models I have in total of certain brands (Hot Wheels, Corgi, Majorette etc…). Here in “box 6” among the 82, are 4 examples of the 1967 Classic VW Beetle in 1:32 scale. All 4 models are “Made in China“, two have the brand “Kinsmart marked on the base, two don’t.

1967 Classic VW Beetle 1:32 Scale

The Yellow Beetle is clearly different from the rest as it has an opening hood (bonnet), it is also marked with “SS” on the base, not a reference to the Beetle‘s Nazi origins but to Sunnyside or Superior-Sunnyside, a Chinese Manufacture of diecasts based in Hong Kong.

The two Police Cars are more intriguing, I thought they were both Kinsmart at first but their bases are different, the red model doesn’t have a manufacturer name marked on the base.

Both cars have the number “388” on the roof, a common feature of many Kinsmart Police Cars.

“388” on the rooves of both cars

The black and white Kinsmart model has slightly better detailing of parts like the indicators and windscreen wipers.

Like the Ford Escort of my previous post, these VW Beetles give me that frisson of nostalgia, because they remind me of models around when I was a young child, particularly the black and white police model.