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Monthly Acquistions: March 2019

Towards the end of every month, I look back on the models I acquired during that month and see an interesting array of model cars. They would interest me, I guess, as I picked them. This month is no exception, I did reflect in a post at the start of the month that maybe there were some I wasn’t so happy with, which maybe I’ll pass on to another collector somewhere in the future. This month I picked up 20 cars…well, they weren’t all cars there were a few trucks and even one helicopter. Most were of the three inch (Hot Wheels-Matchbox) size which I prefer.

Monthly acquistions March 2019
My haul of 20 diecast models

Only two were bought new, a Batmobile in silver and a Hot Wheels Lamborghini Aventador Miura Homage. The others were secondhand, the majority from the secondhand toy shops near Tbilisi Central Station and three from Dry Bridge Market.

There were 9 Hot Wheels models in the haul.

Monthly acquistions March 2019HW
Hot Wheels models
  1. Lamborghini Aventador Miura Homage, This had been on my Wants’ List for many months. The Aventador is my favourite of the recent Lamborghinis and pays homage to the Miura, which is my favourite Lamborghini of all time. I found the model at East Point Mall in XS Toys, I rarely visit this mall as it is out of the city, towards the airport.
  2. Ford GT LM. Iconic design, I find these hard to resist particularly when they show up in a cheap secondhand toy shop.
  3. 65 Ford Mustang Fastback. Since I was a child and saw this design of Mustang in the Lesney Matchbox series, I have been a fan. I must have at least 50 Mustangs in my collection now. This is also in white with the classic twin blue stripes.
  4. Ford Escort Rally. My dad had an Escort (My Dad’s Cars), not this design but like the Mustang and the GT, this is a Ford I find hard to resist.
  5. Ford Anglia 105E. My dad’s first car was an Anglia and this is the first Anglia I have found for my collection. I would have preferred a plainer decoration.
  6. Batmobile TV Series. In the TV Series the Batmobile was black, I guess Hot Wheels are tired of black Batmobiles and are trying other colours, it looks cool in silver. The TV Series Batmobile is the most iconic of the various Batmobiles, I’d love to find a Corgi Batmobile from the sixties. Batmobile
  7. Subaru Brat. Like the Aventador this was on my Wants’ List for a long time.
  8. 70 Chevy Chevelle Wagon. I regret getting this slightly as I already have the same model in better condition.
  9. 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. When I play Gran Tursimo  on Sony Play Station , the first car I usually get is a Lancer and then modify it to the Max.
Monthly acquistions March 2019 MBX
7 Matchbox Vehicles

The Matchbox haul was more varied in age and type.

  1. Euclid Dump Truck. An older Matchbox from the mid sixties. I found this at Dry Bridge Market for 10 lari from Karo, who I was expecting to ask more. It is in better condition than the Euclid I had before. Made in England.
  2. 1962 VW Beetle. Iconic design, I have several Beetles, I would like to find the Matchbox Beetle I had in my childhood, one of the transitional models, which transitioned from regular wheels to Superfast.
  3. Ice Cream Van. This model has a lot of plastic, a cost saving measure in recent times. The cab and base are diecast.
  4. Ford Transit Paramedic. I liked the purple colour. I also have a soft spot for ambulances as reading the book Blood, Sweat and Tea about a paramedic, inspired me to start blogging.
  5. Honda Insight In Tbilisi hybrid cars are very popular because of gas mileage and the reduced import duties. I like Honda usually but I find this model ugly.
  6. Rescue Helicopter. This is a Matchbox Skybuster. I don’t usually collect aviation but I might occasionally pick one up.
  7. International Pumper. Matchbox fire truck from 1999, colour variations of which continued in the range until 2015.

Aside from Hot Wheels and Matchbox, other diecast brands occasionally grab my attention. This month there were four others.

Monthly acquistions March 2019 other brands
Other brands
  1. Brent Mustanger is a character from the movie Cars 2 based on a 1964 MustangCars with Faces
  2. Jeep Cherokee (Majorette). At 15 lari ($5.58), this was the most expensive model I bought this month. The tailgate hatch opens and there is a dog in the back. the model is “Made in France”.  I found this at Dry Bridge Market
  3. VW Golf (Siku). This model comes from the eighties and is “Made in West Germany”. I found this at Dry Bridge Market.
  4. Simon Snorkel (Husky). I found this for just two lari in a secondhand toy store. I added the ladder, which is from another vehicle, so I guess that makes this model a code 3 (Basically, any model intentionally altered in appearance from it’s original manufactured look, without the consent of the aforementioned manufacturer). Made in Great Britain.


Totals: 20 Models:  9 Hot Wheels, 7 Matchbox, 1 Majorette, 1 Siku, 1 Husky and 1 Unidentified brand

2 bought new, 18 bought secondhand

Outlets: 15 Secondhand Toy Stores,  1 Pepela, 3 Dry Bridge Market and 1 XS Toys

Net expenditure: 91.05 lari ($33.85)

1 lari = 37 US cents


Monthly Acquisitions : November 2017

16 more models were added to my collection this month. They weren’t all cars, there was an aeroplane, a motorbike and an  articulated trailer amongst the additions.  A large number of the cars were racing cars, with 5 NASCAR style stock cars, a couple of rally cars and a six wheeled formula 1 car.

16 additions to the collection this month

The 5 stock cars along with the Tomica 6 wheeled Tyrell Ford and the Matchbox Jeep Hot Rod all came from the guy who sells football programmes and knives in Dry Bridge Market, I forget his name, maybe Zura.

at Dry Bridge Market.

I was comfortably within budget this month, despite buying 16 models, as most were less than 5 lari a piece, indeed in the cheap secondhand toy shop I picked up two models (World Cup trailer and Lunar Rover) for just one lari each and found a rough Chinese made BMW at Drybridge Market for a lari. (1 lari = $0.37)

1 lari each

My most expensive model wasn’t even a car but it was Matchbox, a Tornado jet from their Skybusters range, which Gocha sold me for 10 lari.

Tornado (Matchbox Skybusters #22)

There haven’t been any new mainline Hot Wheels on the pegs in Tbilisi for a while (since May, perhaps) and no new Matchbox this year. I only bought three models new, one was a Hot Wheels Honda z50 Monkey, the other two were Majorettes: a Nissan GTR Skyline and a Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster.

The Matchbox Jeep Hot Rod from the early seventies was the oldest model and only 4 lari, missing a steering wheel but otherwise fair condition.

Matchbox Jeep Hot Rod
Display 3 November 2017
first week’s haul
Tyrell Ford P34
Tomica Tyrell Ford P-34

Totals: 16 Models: 5 Matchbox, 4 Hot Wheels , 2 Majorette, 1 Tomica, 1 Pole Position, 1 Racing Champions Inc and 2 brand unidentified Made in China

3 bought new, 13 bought secondhand

Outlets: 2 cheap secondhand toy store, 1 Pepela, 2 XS Toys, 2 Clothing Market, 9 Dry Bridge Market (7 Programe Guy, 1 Gocha, 1 other)

Total cost 60.20 lari ($22.11)


Ford Escort

The Ford Escort has a special place in my heart. The first car I remember travelling in was my late father’s Ford Escort Mark 1 (he had a Ford Anglia Estate when I was born, but I don’t remember that).

Ford Escort Mk 1 (Cararama 1:43)

The Cararama Escort is the closest to my father’s car, he later also had a copper bronze Mark 1 Estate, I haven’t found a model representation of that.

I was happy to see a Ford Escort RS1600 in the Fast and Furious 6.

Fast and Furious 6 Escort
Fast and Furious 6


front to back: Mk1 RS 1600 (Hot Wheels), Mk 3 Escort Rally (Hot Wheels), Mk 2 Escort Rally (Corgi)

Corgi put out a Mk 1 Escort Mexico as a special 60th anniversary limited edition model, I picked one up on my last visit to England.

Ford Escort x 5

I am still looking out for a Corgi Juniors Ford Escort Rally and other variants of the Hot Wheels RS1600. Just looking at the distinctive grille of the Ford Escort Mark 1 gives me a frisson of nostalgia.