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Dutch Cars

A few cars have been made in the Netherlands like Volvo S40, Smart Forfour and Mitsubishi Carisma. However, when I think of Dutch cars, I think of two brands DAF and Spyker.

DAF 33 “Politie” and OSI DAF City Car

The DAF 33 was in my cherished Ladybird Book of Motor Cars (1968). The OSI DAF City Car made by Corgi has numerous opening parts, a sliding door on one side and a conventional door on the other.

DAF City Car Corgi
OSI DAF City Car

Matchbox had a couple of DAF Trucks a Girder Truck in the 1-75 range and a Car Transporter in the King Size line.

DAF Girder truck
Matchbox DAF Girder Truck (Photo by Darth Ray)

Real life DAF girder truck

Matchbox also made a 1904 Spyker like in the film “Genevieve“in their Yesteryear range.


Update: the DAFs in my collection have gone to the Netherlands to an amazing Dutchman who generously sent me 12 Matchbox cars of my choosing from the late sixtes/early seventies (see Package from the Netherlands).