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Monthly Acquisitions June 2021

June 2021 Monthly Acquisitions

June has seen some nice additions to my collection. 5 New Hot Wheels, 4 New Matchbox, 1 old Corgi and 1 very old Dinky.

Hot Wheels additions
  1. ’71 Datsun 510
  2. Dodge Van with MoonEyes deco
  3. Nissan R390 GT1
  4. Mad Manga with Manga deco
  5. 10 Copo Camaro with Pictionary deco

3 of these Hot Wheels models I chose for their deco.

Matchbox acquisitions
  1. 1988 Chevy Monte Carlo with opening doors. As a child many of the Matchbox cars in my collection had opening features. Now opening features command a premium price.
  2. 1976 Honda Civic. I can’t resist Hondas, my favorite Japanese make.
  3. 1965 Land Rover Safari. This reminds me of the Lesney Land Rover Safari.
  4. 1956 Aston Martin DBR1. A classic sports car in British Racing Green. (I have three of this same model now).

I also went to Dry Bridge Market this month, where I found an old Corgi DeTomaso Mangusta and an older Dinky Plymouth “Woody” Station Wagon https://jimholroyddiecast.wordpress.com/2021/06/09/i-found-an-old-corgi-and-an-older-dinky-at-dry-bridge-market-tbilisi/

De Tomaso Mangusta and Plymouth “Woody”

Totals: 11 Models:  5 Hot Wheels, 4 Matchbox, 1 Corgi and 1 Dinky

9 Bought new 2 bought secondhand

Outlets:  5 Pepela, 4 Carrefour, 2 Dry Bridge Market

Net expenditure: 162.10 Georgian lari ($51.71)

1 lari = 32 US cents

Counting the Collection, again: Part 2

The count is finished! I believe I have 1561 model cars scattered around 50 locations around the house. Most are in the bedroom, where I have the shelves, but some are in the living room and some are in the hall. I don’t have a loft, a cellar, a shed or a garage, if I did I’m sure they’d have some of the collection, too.

My shelves, most of the collection is in this area, some are hidden in boxes under the table.

By brand 38% of my collection is Hot Wheels, this hasn’t changed since November 2017, Matchbox accounts for 27% (up from 22%), Majorette accounts for 5% and Corgi 4%.

Totals by brand (November 2017’s totals in brackets)

  1. Hot Wheels        588 (407)
  2. Matchbox            406 (244)
  3. Majorette              70 (42)
  4. Corgi                      68 (44)
  5. Bburago                 48 (37)
  6. DeAgostini           47(47)
  7. Kinsmart               36 (38)
  8. Siku                         35 (?)
  9. Made in USSR      31 (29)
  10. Welly                     28 (27)
  11. Maisto                    22 (14)
  12. Norev                      10 (6)
  13. Tomica                    6 (5)
  14. Dinky                       6 (?)

Other *                            160 (144)


Total                           1561 (1083)

*other includes Johnny Lightning, ERTL, Schuco, RMZ etc…

pie charts of collection

I want to focus on collecting Matchbox, Majorette and Corgi. I’m sure I will continue adding more Hot Wheels because they are readily available and have a lot of attractive models. I don’t want any more Kinsmart or DeAgostini, I prefer to collect the Matchbox 3 inch size (approx 1:64 scale), not larger scales (with the exception of older Corgi, Dinky and Matchbox King Size models made in the late sixties and early seventies).

My favourite shelf is the shelf for older Matchbox models (location 8). Only 4 of the 63 models in the picture are not made in England, can you tell me which ones?

Count location 8 Matchbox older
Older Matchbox Models (mostly pre-1980)

Some locations had only a few models others had a lot. Location 15, a big plastic box held 128 cars.

I have been taking the contents of one shelf down at a time, counting them, dusting them, photographing them and adding the details to an Excel document. Checking through the photos, I realise I will have to retake photos of location 5 and 34 for my records, that can wait until tomorrow.

I have significantly increased my Majorette collection since the last count, currently I have a shelf for Majorette and Norev but it is overcapacity. I should separate the two brands.

Count Location 29 majorette and Norev
Location 29 Majorette and Norev

I didn’t take all the cars down to photograph on the table. Some I counted in situ, particularly those in the living room.

Count Location 44 Maserati lambo
Location 44: Maserati and Lamborghini shelf in the living room

I didn’t count any small plastic cars of the type that might have come from a Kinder Surprise egg, nor did I count the model cars in the children’s bedroom, I have relinquished those from my collection. I hope the next time I count the collection the number will be similar or even less, I can comfortably accommodate a thousand but I don’t really have the space for the number that I have. This COVID-19 lockdown has helped slow down my acquisitions, last month I only added a couple of  models, which I picked up on my grocery shop, this month I haven’t added any yet and I’ve even given a few away to my grandson.


Looking through the collection

This time of being forced to stay at home gives us the opportunity to enjoy our diecast collections. Below a few Corgi cars I pulled off the shelf.

Corgi x 5
Here are some of my Corgis: Mini Marcos, Mini Cooper, Ford Capri, Morris Marina and Rover 2000TC

I was reading about the Porsche P-911 that Marc of  The Race Case had found on the Facebook Marketplace, Hot Ones P-911. This inspired me to find my own P-911, then I found myself pulling off the shelves some other favourite Hot Wheels, old and new, for a photoshoot. These aren’t all my favourites, some favourites like the Mystery Machine Super Treasure Hunt are still in their blisters.

Hot Wheels old and new
11 Hot Wheels cars

In the picture are some recent models like the Lamborghini Countach Pace Car’70 Ford Escort RS1600, BMW 3.0CSL, VW Kafer Racer, Lamborghini Aventador and TV Series Batmobile. Also a few older models like the P-911, Mercedes 280 SL, Rodger Dodger, Z-Whiz (Datsun 240Z) and my only “sweet sixteen” a Custom Firebird.

This period of quarantine won’t be ending anytime soon, so I’ll have plenty of time to explore my collection further in the coming weeks.

Stay safe and healthy.


Chevrolet or “Chevy” is a division of GM. Producers of the fantastic Corvette.

I have a lot of Chevrolets in my collection of diecasts,  Chevrolet is second only numerically to Ford.

Chevrolet 105 3
100+ Chevrolets

I have at least 104 Chevrolets in my collection, I don’t buy into the Ford v Chevy rivalry as I love both brands, the second and third generations of the Chevrolet Corvette look amazing to me.

As an iconic American brand, it is unsurprising that most of my Chevrolets are Hot Wheels (65 of them).

Chevrolet HW x 65
Hot Wheels Chevrolets

Hot Wheels put out several new Chevys each year. Aside from the Corvettes, I love collecting the Wagons and Gassers.

The”Gasser” looks ready for a drag race. The 55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser casting hearkens back to the old school style of Gasser Drag Race cars. With an exposed big block engine, fender well headers, ladder bars, aluminum fuel tank, this 2 lane blacktop brawler can take them all on.

55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser (Hot Wheels)

I also like convertibles.

Chevrolet convertibles
Chevrolet Convertibles/Roadsters

I have 40 Corvettes, a car that has been in production since 1953, named after a small manoeuvrable warship, there have been eight generations of Corvette to date, my favourites being the second (1963-1967) and third (1968-1982) generations. Designed to interest returned American servicemen who had fallen under the spell of Jaguars, MGs and Triumphs during their World War II service in Europe, the Chevrolet Corvette was the first proper American sports car.

Chevrolet Corvette x 40
Chevrolet Corvette x 40

For a long time the 1:24 scale Maisto 1970 Chevrolet Corvette was the largest model in my collection, it is still my biggest Chevrolet but now a 1:18 Scale Mercedes 300SL is my biggest model.
Whilst most of my Chevys are standard Hot Wheels (3 inch) size, I do have a few larger models, including two rather beat up Corgi Chevrolet Stingrays.

Chevrolet larger scales
larger scale Chevys 1:43-1:24 scale

Matchbox has put out far fewer Chevrolets than Hot Wheels, but I still have 21 in my collection.

Chevrolet MBX
Matchbox Chevrolets x 21

Other brands include Maisto, Jada, Bburago, Corgi, Lledo, Kinsmart, TootsieToys and Welly.

Chevrolet not MBX or HW
18 Chevrolets from brands other than Hot Wheels or Matchbox


Highlights 2019

At the end of the year, I like to indulge myself looking back on some of my favourite diecast finds throughout the year. Previous highlights : Highlights 2018  and Highlights 2017

Some months’ finds were better than others.

Highlights 2019
Highlights of each month 2019

  1. January, not a great month, a ’64 Chevrolet Impala from the Hot Wheels Black and Gold 50th Anniversary series was my favourite find.

    Highlights 2019 HW
    Hot Wheels highlights: the ’64 Impala celebrates the 50th Anniversary and the Custom Firebird was one of the orignal cars when the brand was launched in 1968
  2. February was a far better month, making the choice difficult, I choose the Porsche 924  from Majorette, because as a kid my favourite cars were the Maserati Bora and Porsche 924. Made in France.
  3. March, Euclid Dump Truck. An older Matchbox from the mid sixties. I found this at Dry Bridge Market for 10 lari from Karo, who I was expecting to ask more. It is in better condition than the Euclid I had before. Made in England.

    Highlights 2019 mbx
    Matchbox Highlights
  4. April, I found three old Corgis, which pushed me way over budget, my favourite of the three was a Datsun 240Z.

    Three Corgis in April
  5. May Highlight of the month was the Chrysler 180 and Caravan by Majorette with its box. When I was a nine year old visiting Paris for the first time I brought home 3 Majorettes: a BMW 3.0 CSL, a Datsun 280Z and a Chrysler 180. I have no idea where those models are now but finding the Chrysler again gave me an insane nostalgia buzz the caravan was an added bonus.

    Highlights 2019 Majorette
    Majorette Highlights : Chrysler 180 and Caravan (May) and Porsche 924 (February)
  6. June This was a disappointing month. Highlight was a Matchbox Mercedes E430 Wagon “Police”…from 2002, 1:62 scale. Made in China.
  7. July There were 30 models added to the collection, highlight of which was a Custom Firebird. This is one of the original “sweet sixteen” Hot Wheels launched in 1968, made in Hong Kong. The only one of the sweet sixteen in my collection.

    Custom Firebird
    Custom Firebird
  8. August Highlight was a Corgi MGC GT

    Highlights 2019 Corgi
    Corgi Highlights : MGC GT (August) and Datsuns 240Z (April)
  9. September Mercury Commuter Police Car. Matchbox Speed Kings. This was the highlight of the month, coming from Gocha at Dry Bridge market. A previous owner had decided to redecorate the police car as an ambulance, it makes for an interesting Code 3 model.

    Mercury Commuter Police car
    Mercury Commuter “Ambulance”
  10. October ’71 Nissan Skyline GTX. Although it is  a recent casting, I was very happy to find it.
  11. November The Austin A40 Van (Dinky) I looked at in a previous post (Dinky Austin A40 Van from the late fifties.) It is the oldest model in my collection. It cost 40 lari ($13.47) also from Gocha at Dry Bridge Market, source of many of my favourite finds.

    Austin A40 Van
    Austin A40 Van (Dinky) this model is from the late 1950s
  12. December Matchbox Super Kings K-63 Mercedes Benz “Binz” Ambulance. There is a lot of nostalgia with this one.

5 Matchbox, 2 Hot Wheels, 2 Corgi, 2 Majorette and 1 Dinky a reasonable reflection of the brands I like to collect.

Over the whole year my highlight would be the Datsun 240Z by Corgi, I had wanted to find one of these for a long time and finding one here in Tbilisi in such good condition with its box was great.

Highlights 2019 winner
Datsun 240Z My favourite find of 2019


Dinky Austin A40 Van from the late fifties.

I was very surprised today to find this old Dinky van at Dry Bridge Market here in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Austin A40 Van
Austin Van “Raleigh Cycles”

This model was produced in England between 1956 and 1960, it was from an era before Dinkys had windows. In 1956 Corgi had just entered the market in direct competition with Dinky and their cars were being advertised as “the ones with the windows”. The model is playworn and the front tyre is cracked but, considering it is around 60 years old, it is not in bad shape. It is one of the few models in my collection older than me.

The Austin A40 Van (#472) is advertising “Raleigh Cycles”, others advertised BP and Nestle. A rare version advertising Omnisport, a general store in El Salvador, went for an incredible £6, 400 at auction (Dinky toy van fetches £6,400 in furious bidding at auction).

I don’t have many Dinky Toys, they don’t have the same Nostalgia Buzz as Corgi and Matchbox. This model predates my birth (1964 ) and is unlike the models I remember playing with as a child. I can relate better to the slightly later Triumph Herald (#189) (1960-1964) as this has windows, independent suspension and is closer to the cars I played with as a child.

Austin A40 Van and Triumph Herald
Two Old Dinky Toys: Triumph Herald (1960-1964) and Austin A40 Van (1956-1960)

Concept Cars


concept cars Lamborghini Marzal and Maserati Boomerang
Maserati Boomerang (Norev) and Lamborghini Marzal (Matchbox)

Concept cars are made to showcase new styling or technology and to gauge the public’s reaction. Concept cars never go into production directly. In modern times all would have to undergo many changes before the design is finalized for the sake of practicality, safety, cost etc…

Die-cast companies have included many such cars in their ranges hoping the exciting designs will entice their target market to part with their pocket money.

The Lamborghini Marzal was produced for the Geneva Motor Show of 1967. It was designed by Bertone to provide Lamborghini with a true four seater, the design was a one-off but many of the ideas were later used in the Lamborghini Espada.

Lamborghini Marzal 1967 (Photo:  Buch-t)

The Marzal design probably found wider recognition as a die-cast model, with both Matchbox and Dinky making scale models, albeit in other colours such as dark red, despite the original show car being painted silver.The Matchbox Lamborghini Marzal was one of the first cars created for the new Superfast wheels introduced at the end of 1969.

Another concept car popular with die-cast manufacturers is the Mercedes C111; Norev, Corgi, Matchbox and Hot Wheels all produced models.

Concept Cars Mercedes C111 Lamborghini Marzal and Maserati Boomerang
Mercedes C111 (Corgi)

The C111 had the gull wing doors, a feature of Mercedes sports cars going back to the classic 300SL of the fifties. In the sixties and seventies, Mercedes was experimenting with different types of engine: Wankel rotary engines, diesel engines and turbochargers and they would use the C111 platform as a testbed.

concept cars top trumps
Top Trumps: Concept Cars

Nowadays a lot of research is being made into greener technologies, autonomous vehicles and suchlike. One car that looks interesting is the Toyota FV2 (video clip). The FV2 doesn’t have a steering wheel. Instead, the car is operated by the driver shifting his or her body to move the vehicle forwards, backwards, left or right. It mirrors or responds instantly. It also uses intelligent transport system technology to connect the driver with a variety of local safety information. I hope some company will put it out as a die-cast model.





Monthly Acquisitions: September 2019

Another month of collecting saw 16 models added to my collection and a couple leaving (both Hot Wheels: Ferrari F40  and Dodge Dart Demon ).

Monthly Acquisitions Sept 2019
newly acquired

Of the 16 models only two were bought new, the others were all secondhand.

9 were Hot Wheels.

Monthly Acquisitions Sept 2019 3
Hot Wheels

  1. Nissan Skyline 2000 GT/X. I love this casting, designed by Jun Imai, whose name appears on the roof. I have several of the casting in black this is the first white one I have found.

    Nissan Skyline 2000 GtX white and black
    Nissan Skyline 2000 GT/X
  2. 65 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible. I find C2 Corvettes difficult to resist.
  3. Lamborghini Countach “Pace Car”. This I bought new, Pepela were having a -30% sale. I already have the model in red, but the Countach is such an iconic seventies car, another one is more than welcome.
  4. Mercedes 380SEL. A regular Mercedes sedan is more the realm of Matchbox than Hot Wheels. The model dates from the late nineties.
  5. Fish’d & Chip’d. This is  based on the Jaguar Mk X, my father’s dream car. The Mk X was never available as a two door. This was a trade for a Dodge Demon, I found a seller parked near Vake park, Kakha, a specialist in retro gaming but who had quite a few diecasts for sale. I had bought a Maisto Boss Mustang from him earlier in the month and he told me he liked Dodges.

    Dodge Demon
    Dodge Demon
  6. Porsche Carrera. This is a Hot Wheels model produced from a Corgi casting. Corgi – Hot Wheels

    Porsche carrera corgi hot wheels silver
    Porsche Carrera
  7. Drivin’ Wild. This is a Hot Wheels transporter, it would have been sold in a Super Rigs pack with a fantasy car (Nitro Doorslammer). It is a fantasy model but not as outlandish as some of the Hot Wheels haulers.
  8. Ford GT Race. In one of the secondhand shops I frequent, the assistant knows me well, she apologised for not having many small cars. She did rummage out the back and found this and the Nissan Skyline, if I were interested, I could have both for the princely sum of 5 lari. I was interested 🙂
  9. ’68 Chevy Nova. The 3rd September was my birthday and I treated myself (as no-one else was going to…) to a new Hot Wheels from the pegs of my local Pepela store. The choice was limited, but the Nova in Gulf livery looks sweet.


Monthly Acquisitions Sept 2019 2
5 Matchbox

  1. Austin Mini Cooper 1275S (1964)  I used this to make a comparison between Hot Wheels and Matchbox in an earlier post. What is the difference between Hot Wheels and Matchbox? Scale 1:51. This would have been more appropriate than the Nova as a birthday present, as I was born  in Britain in 1964. I found this at the Clothing Market, where I hadn’t found anything interesting for quite a while.
  2. Volvo C30. I realised when I got it home, I already had one. My collection is getting too big for me to remember every model I own. I would have been happier finding another P1800S. 1:61 scale.
  3. BMW 328i from the 2000 Car Wash 5 Pack.1:59 scale.
  4. 70 Boss Mustang 302. From 1998. 1:62 scale. Made in China.
  5. Mercury Commuter Police Car. Speed Kings. This was the highlight of the month, coming from Gocha at Dry Bridge market. A previous owner had decided to redecorate the police car as an ambulance, it makes an interesting Group 3 model.

Mercury Commuter Police car
Mercury Commuter

Mercury Commuter Police car with catalogue
Mercury Police Car in 1970 Matchbox Catalogue

Other Brands

Monthly Acquisitions Sept 2019 4

Aside from Matchbox and Hot Wheels, I only picked up two Chinese made models, a ’70 Boss Mustang by Maisto and an Audi Coupe in “Delta Airlines” livery with no diecast brand marked on the base.


Totals: 16 Models:  9 Hot Wheels, 5 Matchbox, 1 Maisto and 1 unidentified Chinese made model

2 bought new,  13 bought secondhand, 1 traded

Outlets: 10 Secondhand Toy Stores,  1 Dry Bridge Market, 2 Pepela, 1 Kakha and 1 Clothing Market

Net expenditure: 94.20 lari ($31.82)

1 lari = 34 US cents

That Nostalgia Buzz

I have written before about the nostalgia buzz on this blog. It is one of the drivers for my collecting. Reflections on Why I collect diecast cars?

1969 superfast
1969 second edition catalogue, showing new Superfast models

Some models come with a strong “nostalgia buzz“. I was 5 years old when Matchbox switched from regular wheels to Superfast, the models of that time evoke in me strong feelings of nostalgia. Particularly the Sports Cars like the Iso Grifo and Lamborghini Miura, these were my dream cars at the time. I pulled out a selection of cars from my collection that have the strongest nostalgia buzz for me…

nostalgia buzz group
These Matchbox cars evoke strong nostalgia in me

Nostalgia relates to our sense of identity, it kindles fondly remembered aspects of our past and helps to cool the anxieties of our present. Music and smells can also evoke the past, a tune or a smell like TCP (the antiseptic frequently applied to my childhood cuts) , will transport me in my mind back to my childhood.

Matchbox diecast catalogues 1969
1969 Catalogue

I don’t have any of the models I had as a child, but I have bought similar ones. I favour models of the late sixties and early seventies cars, and the Matchbox brand, largely because that is what I played with most as a child.

nostalgia buzz Lamborghini Marzal
Lamborghini Marzal

The Lamborghini Marzal was one of the very first Superfast cars, there is no regular wheels version. The dark red model was first and this has a more powerful nostalgia buzz for me than the pinker model that appeared a couple of years later.

The first new cars with Superfast wheels: Lamborghini Marzal, BMC 1800 Pininfarina and Lotus Europa

Not all models of that era have the same buzz for me. The models below: the Porsche 910, Ford Group 6 , GMC Refrigerated truck and Dodge Tipper are from the same time but their buzz is weaker maybe because I desired them less at the time (1969, 1970). The older models in front: the Austin Cambridge and Ford Fairlaine Fire Chief Car also have a weaker buzz as they came from a time before I was conscious of Matchbox cars.

nostalgia buzz weaker
These models from the same era and a couple of older models have a weaker buzz for me

Matchbox Cars from the period 1968 to 1972,  resonate most strongly with me in a nostalgic sense. I was born in 1964, so these years were the peak of my toy car playing years. I probably stopped buying toy cars when I was around 12, and started buying music with my pocket money instead.

nostalgia buzz group 2
Matchbox cars with a strong nostalgia buzz

The Citroen SM and Mazda RX500 are slightly newer than the other models, having been introduced in 1972. To my mind they are still new models even though looking back from 2019, there is little difference between a model 50 years old and one 47 years old.

The recoloured models have a more dilute buzz. In the seventies, unlike today, cars had the same colour for longer. I am still looking for the first colour of the BMC Pininfarina, which was a gold colour before it was changed to a milky orange.

nostalgia buzz iso bmc marzal
on the left the darker colours were first, the lighter colours were the recolours, I don’t have the first colour of the BMC

Aside from Matchbox the other British brands: Corgi and Dinky have some models with a nostalgia buzz, but fewer as they were more expensive and so I had fewer of them as a child. Also there are a few Majorette models that remind me of my first trip to Paris in 1974 (Chrysler 180, BMW 3.0CSL and Mercedes 350SL). I found 3 Majorette Cars at Dry Bridge Market today. Other brands Hot Wheels, Siku, Tomica etc… do not have this buzz for me as they were not part of my childhood.

nostalgia buzz corgi 2
Some Corgis with a nostalgia buzz

Nostalgia comes from two Greek words, nostos meaning homecoming and algos meaning longing or pain. My collecting of model cars really took off, when I moved to Tbilisi, Georgia (2009). Maybe I am trying to make a connection to home (England) or my past. The French writer Proust, describes how tasting a Madeleine cake, which he hadn’t tasted since childhood, triggered a cascade of warm and powerful sensory associations. Nostalgia can boost psychological well being.

Iso Grifo
Iso Grifo

I have one particularly vivid memory from childhood, in the classroom, when I was just seven, my friend Carl showed me his model of the Matchbox Mercury Cougar “Rat Rod Dragster”, this was like no model car I’d seen before. The car was bright lime green with an exposed engine. I was familiar with the earlier Mercury Cougar, which had opening doors and came in a metallic light green, but this was something new. Hot Wheels hadn’t made a direct impact on my childhood at that time (1971) in England the pocket money rivals of Matchbox were the Corgi Juniors and Corgi Rockets. Finding a model of the Rat Rod at a Boot Sale in 2012, transported me back forty years.

Rat Rod and Wild Cat
“Rat Rod” Mercury Cougar and “Wild Cat” Ford Mustang




The first petrol-engined car was a Benz in 1885, Mercedes has a long and prestigious history. Here in Tbilisi there are more Mercedes on the road than any other make, many have been imported secondhand from Europe. Georgians like brands and Mercedes is an esteemed brand. For a long time the only model from the Majorette Premium Cars series, we could see on the pegs in XS Toys was the Mercedes G63, a nice casting with slightly opening bonnet but, personally,  I prefer more variety.

Mercedes g63 XS
Mercedes G63

As a child collecting diecast cars, I went through a phase of collecting just Mercedes, I don’t remember how long it lasted maybe 3 or 4 months, I even bought a vinyl one, an unusual purchase to put amongst my diecasts. I don’t have any of my childhood collection but have picked up a few in the past ten years, around 40 in total.

Mercedes x 40
My Mercedes collection

A few Mercedes I find difficult to resist: the gull wing 300SL from 1955, the C-111 experimental car with a rotary engine and the 280SL “Pagoda”. I’m still looking for other examples, I’d love to find the Corgi Rockets 280SL “Pagoda” from around 1970 and the Matchbox Speed Kings C-111, to line up next to my Norev and Corgi models.

Mercedes c111 and 280sl
Two of my favourites Corgi Mercedes c111 and Hot Wheels Mercedes 280SL “Pagoda”

Mercedes is a popular choice for emergency vehicles. The Mercedes “Binz” ambulance by Matchbox brings back many childhood memories.

Mercedes emergency siku and matchbox
The Matchbox models (right) are more playworn than the Siku models (left)