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Monthly Acquisitions: July 2019

Monthly acquisiions july 2019
July’s haul

I thought the 30 models added last month to my collection was a little excessive (Monthly Acquisitions June 2019) but this month’s total is even higher at 35. I really don’t have room for all these and must seriously consider reducing my collection and specialising more. I think I should focus on my key areas of interest: Matchbox (especially 1968 to 1975), Majorette (1970s 200 series), Corgi (pre 1975) and Hot Wheels JDM. This month saw no Majorette finds but plenty of Hot Wheels  and Matchbox plus 5 Corgis.

Hot Wheels

There were 5 new Hot Wheels, of which I’ve only taken the Honda City Turbo from its packaging, and 10 secondhand. The highlight has to be the Custom Firebird, one of the original “sweet sixteen” from Hot Wheels launch back in 1968.

Monthly acquisiions july 2019 2
15 Hot Wheels and a Matchbox Post Van

  1. Lotus Sport Elise This was part of a McDonald’s promotion (2004), there is a switch on the base for the interior to light up but the light no longer works.
  2. Ferrari 360 Modena. This was for an Italian Coca-Cola promotion (2002). The car would have originally come in a plastic can.
  3. Honda City II Turbo. A pocket rocket in sky blue, I already have a white variation.
  4. 96 Porsche Carrera. Nice clean white Porsche.
  5.  ’49 Volkswagen Beetle Pickup. This is a new model for 2019. Interesting Beetle variant.
  6. Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-R “Police”. In Japanese police livery.
  7. 92 Ford Mustang  Jun Imai design. Not my favourite generation of Mustang. There is a Super Treasure Hunt version with spectraflame paint and real rider wheels.
  8. Mad Manga A fantasy design (again Jun Imai) is styled in the Japanese bōsōzoku  custom style, loosely based on a Nissan Laurel.
  9. Ferrari F512M x 2 A classic Ferrari like the one in Miami Vice (but that was white).
  10. VW Brasilia A Volkswagen for the Brazilian market, one of the first Volkswagens to be designed outside of Germany.
  11. 69 Pontiac GTO American muscle car from the 2009 “Dream Garage” 5 pack
  12. ’68 Chevrolet Copo Camaro Another American muscle car.
  13. Ford GT40 White & Red Stripes, Stars and ’40’ from the 2009 “World Racers” 5 Pack
  14. Custom Firebird This is the Hot Wheels highlight, one of the original “sweet sixteen” Hot Wheels launched in 1968, made in Hong Kong. Custom Firebird


I was happy to find some regular wheels Matchbox models dating from before 1969 and some early Superfast models. Their condition wasn’t good but they have that incredible nostalgia buzz.

Monthly acquisiions july 2019 3
Matchbox selection

    1. Freeman Inter-City Commuter This is a futuristic looking early Superfast model, I remember seeing in one of the Facebook groups, someone posting a picture of two of these that they’d found at a boot fair and feeling a tinge of nostalgia. Then a few days after, coincidentally,  I found this one in the Secondhand Haul I posted about earlier in the month. Made in England. Inter-City Commuter
    2. Austin Mini Cooper 1275S Iconic styling, this is a relatively recent model, first appearing in 2009 (this blue variation in 2011). Made in Thailand. 1:51 scale.
    3. Fiat 1500. The paint is rough and the luggage is missing, one of the few Matchbox cars that was actually 1:64 scale. Regular wheels, made in England. The tow hook is still attached. This was on my Wants’ List. Made in England.
    4. Porsche 910. One of the very first Superfast models. 1:54 scale. Made in England.
    5. Mercury Fire Chief car. Another early Superfast model. 1:73 scale. Made in England.
    6. Mercedes Unimog. Missing 3 of its tyres. Regular wheels. 1:68 scale. Made in England. Rough condition, tow hook damaged.
    7. Cadillac Ambulance. Painted black and brown by a previous owner. 1:87 scale. Made in England. Regular Wheels
    8.  Refuse Truck “Fort Worth” with Texas Flag on the side. Missing opening rear section. 1:87 scale. Made in China.
    9. Ford Galaxie Police Car . Missing side decals.  Some white paint added by previous owner. Regular wheels. Red light pushed into roof. Tow hook intact. 1:73 scale. Made in England.
    10. 8 Wheel Tipper (Leyland). Regular wheels. 1:92 scale. Made in England. Front axle holder broken.
    11. Volvo P1800S (1969). From the 2011 Classic Rides 5 Pack. White like the Saint’s car (but that was a Corgi model). This too was on my Wants’ List 1:61 scale. Made in Thailand.
    12. Postal Service Delivery Truck. (In the photograph with the Hot Wheels grouping). From 2014 City Works 5 Pack. 1:68 scale.


I’m usually lucky to find one or two Corgis in a month. This month I found five!

Monthly acquisiions july 2019 4
5 Corgis

  1. Lotus Elite. This was the most expensive purchase of the month at 30 lari ($10.22) from Gocha at Dry Bridge market. He’d previously offered it to me at 50 lari. It is boxed. This model was produced from 1976 to 1980. Made in Great Britain.
  2. Ford Capri 3 Litre GT. Also from Gocha at Dry Bridge market. Made in Great Britain.
  3. Buick Regal “Police”. Corgi Juniors. The same casting as Kojak’s Buick but different decoration. Made in Great Britain.
  4. London Bus. This is a recent model for the London Olympics 2012. Made in China.
  5. London Taxi. This is a recent model for the London Olympics 2012. Made in China.

Other Models

I also found a Ferrari 250GTO (1:43 Scale) for 10 lari with the magazine “Auto Bild” and a Batmobile by ERTL based on the Tim Burton Batman movie Batmobile (1989). I was also given a model of a Trabant 601, which an American friend, Jim Frankenfeld had picked up in the Trabant Museum in Berlin. Thanks Jim 🙂 All these models were made in China.



Totals: 35 Models:  15 Hot Wheels, 12 Matchbox, 5 Corgi, 1 Welly, 1 ERTL and 1 Unidentified brand

6 bought new,  28 bought secondhand,  1 gift

Outlets: 25 Secondhand Toy Stores,  4 Pepela, 1 clothing market, 1 News Kiosk, 2 Dry Bridge Market, 1 Biblius and 1 gift (from Berlin, Germany)

Net expenditure: 155.60 lari ($53.02)

1 lari = 34 US cents

Much of the information for the Matchbox and Hot Wheels finds was found on their respective wiki pages: Matchbox wiki and Hot Wheels wiki 

Highlights 2017

My diecast model car collecting continues unabated, when I counted (Counting the collection) I was surprised to find I had over 1000 models. Each month brought in around 15 -20  new models. Here are the highlights.

Best of 2017
Highlights of 2017

The biggest highlight came at the end of January, when I finally found a Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt on the pegs of Smart in the shape of Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine. I wrote about the find in my previous diecast blog: Super Treasure Hunt found

Mystery Machine Super TH
Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine (Super Treasure Hunt)

February’s haul was less exciting but included a Kinsmart 1967 VW Beetle which reminded me of the much earlier Dinky Beetle, I wanted as a kid.

Best of 2017 blue
Kinsmart VW Beetle (February) and Tomica 6 wheeled Tyrell Ford (November)

March saw just eight models added to the collection but any one of them could have been the highlight. Monthly Acquisitions March 2017

I chose the Corgi Routemaster Bus because it comes with a strong frisson of nostalgia for  the brand (Corgi), the model itself and the associations with London, the city of my birth.

Best of 2017 Corgi
Corgi Highlights: London Routemaster Bus (March), Kojak’s Buick (October) and BMC Mini Cooper (September)

In April, I finally found a black Hot Wheels VW Kafer Racer, which I’d been searching for so long, I also found the red version in June and I’m now looking out for the new blue version.

Best of 2017 Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels Highlights: ’64 Buick Riviera, VW Kafer Racers (red and black) and the Mystery Machine

In May, I was directed from the secondhand toy store to a basement near the train station, where I found a treasure trove of old diecasts. The highlight for me was finding a Matchbox GMC Tipper Truck with regular wheels. This model also has that frisson of nostalgia, it was the model from which I learnt how to find the engine of a big truck (by tipping the cab).

Best of 2017 Matchbox
Matchbox Highlights : GMC Tipper Truck, VW 1600TL (July) and Vauxhall Guildsman (August)

In June, I received a package from my friend Viljar, who lives in Estonia. The package contained amongst other models a Matchbox VW 1600TL. In August, at Dry Bridge Market, I found a Bulgarian made Vauxhall Guildsman in a blue, which I much prefer to the original Lesney pink. In September I was selling at Drybridge Market (Selling)

but despite selling over 60 models, I still walked away with three including a Corgi BMC Mini Cooper. Monthly Acquistions September 2017

There have been few new models in the shops since April, so most of my finds have been secondhand models found at Dry Bridge Market or the secondhand shops around the Central Station. Of the highlighted models, only the VW Kafer Racers and the Mystery Machine were bought new.

The Corgi Juniors Kojak’s Buick and the Tomica Tyrell Ford both came from Dry Bridge Market.

Finally in December, my favourite is the ’64 Buick Riviera (Hot Wheels), which I found in the secondhand toy store.

Last year the highlight was a boxed Corgi Citroen SM. Highlights 2016

Citroen SM Corgi
Citroen SM (Corgi)

What will 2018 bring, I wonder…









American Cars: Buick

Buick is currently the oldest still-active American automotive make, and among the oldest automobile brands in the world, dating back to 1899. It is one of many General Motors brands. For much of its existence in the North American market, Buick has been marketed as a premium automobile brand, selling luxury vehicles positioned above GM‘s mainstream brands

I have nine Buicks: a Maisto Buick Bengal Concept, a Hot Wheels Buick GSX, a Hot Wheels 1971 Buick Riviera, two’64 Rivieras, two Corgi Juniors Buick Regals   and two Matchbox 1956 Buick Century Police cars. 

9 Buicks

Maisto is not usually my preferred choice in the 1:64 scale but they do produce some interesting cars ignored by other manufacturers. The Buick Bengal is a concept car unveiled to the public at the 2001 Detroit Motor Show with the aim of rejuvenating the brand and appealing to younger customers.

’56 Buick Century Police Car (Matchbox) and Buick Bengal Concept (Maisto)

In my 1968 Ladybird Book of Motor Cars, the last two cars were a Buick Riviera and a Cadillac Eldorado. Large cars even by American standards. I have a Dinky Eldorado, I’d love to find a Corgi Riviera.

Ladybird Book of Motor Cars (1968) and Hot Wheels Buick Rivieras

In the TV Series Kojak used a red, magnetically mounted Federal Signal Fireball rotating emergency light atop his unmarked police vehicle (a bronze 1973 Buick Century Regal 455), a model reproduced by Corgi.