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Monthly Acquisitions March 2018

After a strange February, where I only picked up 3 new models for the collection (Monthly Acquisitions: February 2018) , it was business as usual in March with 22 new models entering my collection. The month was relatively restrained until the 20th March, when finally some new Hot Wheels models arrived in Tbilisi toy shops (Spoilt for Choice). Of the nine models I marked down as interesting from the 2018 Hot Wheels D Case, I have thus far picked up four.

  1. ’85 Honda City Turbo II
  2. 2015 Ford Mustang (Super Treasure Hunt)
  3. Mazda Repu
  4. 2016 Ford GT Race
  5. Morris Mini (Urban Outlaw decoration)
  6. 1989 Batmobile
  7. ’16 Cadillac ATS VR
  8. VW Golf Mark 2
  9. ’16 Mercedes AMG GT3

Carded Hot Wheels

I also picked up two of the Zamac models the ’67 Ford Mustang Coupe and the ’68 Copo Camaro. The only model I haven’t seen from the D Case, which interests me, is the 2015 Ford Mustang (Super Treasure Hunt)…I would be very surprised to find it as I have only ever found one Super Treasure Hunt (The Mystery Machine).

March 2018 haul

Hot Wheels account for 13 of the 22 models, Matchbox just two. I found a new hunting ground the Lil Toys Outlet in Dolidze Street, which was selling loose cars (Hot Wheels, Matchbox and other brands) for 3 lari (new carded Hot Wheels are now 7.90 lari).

found in Lil Toys Outlet

The most expensive vehicles were both Majorette: a Simca 1100 Ti from Dry Bridge Market, which was “Made in France” in the seventies and a 15 inch long City Express Bus, with three pairs of opening doors. Both these models cost me 15 lari.

Majorette Models

At the other end of the scale I picked up a couple of Mustangs for a lari each (one Yatming, one Hot Wheels ). I got a free Apple Juice Trailer and a rather battered VW Passat Variant for 2 lari.

4 vehicles for 4 lari in total

I began the month with a Cadillac Elmiraj, which I found in Carrefour for 6.35 lari. It was a Hot Wheels car, I’d been thinking of getting for a while. The Elmiraj is from the 2017 selection and has an older style card.


Cars added in order of acquisition:

      1. Cadillac Elmiraj (Hot Wheels)…stylish large coupe (6.35 lari)
      2. 1966 Dodge A100 Pick Up (Matchbox)… I was happy to find this, it was on my Wants’ List (3 lari) Dodge A100 Matchbox Tbilisi
      3. Datsun 620 Pick Up (Hot Wheels)… I like this casting a lot, this is the third variation I have in my collection (3 lari)
      4. Aston Martin Volante (Matchbox)… last month I gave a black version to my wife’s godson, this month I pick up the champagne coloured variation (4.88 lari)
      5. Chrysler Imperial Dragster (Bluesun)… a Chinese 1/43 model with a friction motor…I love the styling (11 lari)
      6. Lotus Esprit S2 (Hot Wheels)… I have two of these in yellow now, I also have the model in white and red. (3 lari)
      7. Mazda RX7 (Hot Wheels)… I love this casting this is the fifth variation that I have found (3 lari)
      8. 63 Ford Mustang Concept (Hot Wheels)… just one lari
      9. Simca 1100 Ti (Majorette)…this model was “made in France” in the seventies, it has a frisson of nostalgia and was on my Majorette Wants’ List Probably the highlight of the month for me.(15 lari)
      10. Ford Mustang (Yatming). I have a lot of Mustangs in my collection but this is the first I have of the third generation. I prefer the style of the first and second generations but this was just one lari at Dry Bridge Market.
      11. Nissan 2000 Fairlady (Hot Wheels). When I went into XS toys on 20 March, I was just killing time, but then I saw they had finally got some new 2018 models. The first I got was this Nissan, I have two other variations of this casting, it looks great in every variation. I’m a big fan of the JDM cars of the sixties and seventies. (7.50 lari)
      12. Mazda Repu (Hot Wheels) This model looks very similar to the Datsun 620 Pick Up (7.50 lari)
      13. 67 Ford Mustang Coupe (Hot Wheels).  This is my first Zamac (unpainted) model, I had only seen Zamacs in videos before, they tended to be exclusive to Walmart in the US. P1680972’67 Ford Mustang Coupe (Zamac and regular painted version). Tbilisi shops now have the full series of eight Zamac cars, after some deliberation I chose the Mustang. (11.32 lari).
      14. VW Passat Variant Politie (Cararama) This 1:43 model has smashed front and rear windows but was only 2 lari.
      15. City Express Bus (Majorette). This is very long, a full 15 inches, I bought it for my grandson, Lazare, I hope he likes it and doesn’t destroy it (he is 3 years old). (15 lari)
      16. Renault 5 Turbo (Polistil), Another large model this is 1:22 scale, a previous owner has covered the car in stickers, these I intend to remove. (3 lari)
      17. ’85 Honda City Turbo II (Hot Wheels), I should have waited until there was a -30% sale, but I didn’t want to risk not getting it. (7.50 lari)
      18. 68 Copo Camaro (Hot Wheels). A second Zamac model. This was in a -30% sale (8.40 lari)
      19. Honda Odyssey (Hot Wheels) Hot Wheels don’t put out many people carriers. (3.50 lari)
      20. Apple Juice Trailer. I was given this model as a present from the stall holder I bought the VW Passat from earlier in the month. There are no markings to indicate a brand or even a country of origin (I suspect China). (Free)
      21. Batmobile (1989)(Hot Wheels) I was worried I might have made a mistake when I left this on the pegs at XS Toys, it wasn’t there when I returned the following day, but I found one today in Pepela (Tbilisi Mall) (7.50 lari).
      22. 16 Mercedes AMG GT3 (Hot Wheels) This was in XS Toys -30% sale, a fantastic looking model (5.55 lari)

A lot of JDM this month, a couple of Zamac US Muscle cars, three pick-ups and lots more, another fun month of collecting!

Totals: 22 Models: 13 Hot Wheels, 2 Majorette, 2 Matchbox, 1 Polistil, 1 Yatming, 1 Cararama, 1 Bluestar and one possibly from China (brand unknown)

10 bought new, 11 bought secondhand (or loose at Lil Toys Outlet), 1 gift

Outlets: 6 Pepela, 5 Lil Toys Outlet, 3 Cheap Secondhand toy store, 2 Dry Bridge Market, 2 XS Toys, 2 Clothing Market, 1 Carrefour and 1 Happy Days

Total cost: 130 lari ($53.50)

1 lari = 41 US cents

Wants’ List

I have more cars than I can display but still I want more, I watch YouTube channels like RaceGrooves, where each new case of Hot Wheels is unboxed and commented upon, like the 2017 P Case. I also watch the Lamley Showcase and on Facebook, I am in many groups related to diecast models.

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels is the most dynamic Wants’ List because the line is readily available here in Georgia and the models I want are often current unlike my wants’ lists for Matchbox, Corgi or Majorette. There are a few historical Hot Wheels like the Maserati Mistral, which I’d love, but as it was only issued in 1969, it will be nearly impossible to get.

Maserati Mistral

          1. Nissan Skyline H/T 2000 GT-R I have 6 models of the GT-X but haven’t seen a GT-R yet. (found 10 May 2018 -still looking for police variant)
          2. Maserati Mistral as this was only produced in 1969, I fear my chances of finding one are quite slim.
          3. 96 Nissan 180 SX Type X (found 01 June 2018)
          4. Subaru Brat(found 04 March 2019)
          5. Lancia Stratos (found 28 April 2018) Mystery Model: Lancia Stratos (video clip)
          6. Custom ’69 VW Squareback (found 4 January 2018)
          7. 65 Pontiac GTO
          8. Renault Sport RS 01 ( I saw a Silver version of this model in Super but I didn’t like the wheels, I’m only interested in the blue or yellow versions)(found orange version in HW Exotics 5 Pack, 20 January 2019)
          9. Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) (found 5 February 2018)
          10. Datsun 620 Pick Up (white, or black)(black-found 3 March 2018)
          11. Lotus Esprit S1 (black with gold pinstriping)(found 16 September 2018)
          12. 15 Mercedes AMG GT (seen 01 August 2018 in XS Toys but waiting for discount day) (bought 25 August 2018 from Pepela at 30% discount)
          13. 71 Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon “Surf Patrol“ (found in Surf’s Up (Hot Wheels 5 Pack 5 January 2018)
          14. 71 Porsche 911   now I notice there is a “Polizei” variant of this casting (found 10 May 2018)Porsche 911 HW
          15. Porsche 356A Outlaw (turquoise)
          16. ’17 Nissan GTR (found 5 August 2018)
          17. ’95 Mazda RX7 (found 28 February 2020)
          18. VW Golf MkII (yellow or blue)(found in white 22 July 2018, found in blue 23 August 2020)
          19. ’82 Nissan Skyline R30
          20. Nissan Skyline R32
          21. ’85 Honda City Turbo II (found 23 March 2018)
          22. ’88 Honda CR-X (found 16 August 2019)
          23. Mazda Repu (found in red 23 March 2018, found in metallic blue 21 April 2019)
          24. Plymouth Barracuda
          25. Ford Transit Supervan
          26. ’71 Porsche 917 LH (in Gulf livery)(found 22 October 2018)

          27. Lamborghini Countach Pace car (found 01 June 2018)
          28. Lamborghini Aventador Miura Homage (found 10 March 2019)
          29. Batman Animated Series (found 25 August 2018)
          30. 84 Audi Quattro Sport
          31. Ford Mustang Mach I
          32. ’49 VW Beetle Pick Up(found in red on 5 July 2019, looking for “Moon Eyes” variant))
          33. Porsche 918 Spyder (found 8 February 2019)
          34. Mercedes Benz 1300 Unimog (found 14 July 2020)
          35. ’96 Porsche Carrera(found 5 July 2019)
          36. Nissan Skyline H/T 2000 GT-R (Police livery)(found 5 July 2019)
          37. ’64 Buick Riviera “Day of the Dead
          38. Lamborghini Countach in Police Livery (found 19 September 2020)
          39. Mazda MX 5 Miata
          40. ’16 Bugatti Chiron (found 29 March 2020)
          41. Alpine A110 (found 5 March 2020)
          42. Jaguar XE SV Project 8
          43. Nissan Silvia S13
          44. Porsche 944 Turbo (found 1 March 2020)
          45. ’65 Ford Mustang Convertible (found 28 February 2020)
          46. ’57 Plymouth Fury
          47. 98 Honda Prelude  (found 2 July 2021)
          48. Mazda RX7 Savannah
          49. ’64 Ford Galaxie
          50.  Porsche 914 Safari
          51. Mazda RX-3  (found 20 August 2021)
          52. Jaguar F Type (found 27 March 2021)
          53. X-34 Landspeeder (Star Wars)(found 17 December 2020)
          54. Lancia Delta Integrale
          55. Mercedes 300SL 
          56. AMC Rebel Machine
          57. ’87 Ford Sierra Cosworth
      1. I just watched a 2019 E Case unboxing, there were some exciting models…  Porsche 917 LH looks really cool in blue, beautiful Porsche 918 Spyder ,Tesla Roadster with Starman is interesting (wish the other HW Space models were based on real models related to space), silver Batmobile  – cool , Momo Datsun 510 – on my wants’ list, Polizei Porsche 911 , Volkwagen SP2 will go with my VW Brasilia, Nissan 300ZX , Land Rover Series 3 Pick Up (would have preferred to see this as a Matchbox), Ford Escort RS1600 “Gumball Rally” , pale blue Honda City Turbo…I’m not sure if we’ll get the case here in Tbilisi at the time of writing this our most recent case is the 2018 M Case. Update (8 Feb 2019) : it seems Pepela and Biblus have E Cases… missed out on A, B, C and D…


  1. matchbox-1969-models-got-and-want
    green ticks got, orange ticks got since posting originally, green circles want most

    My Matchbox Wants’ List tend to be older models, often connected to my childhood, they are not readily available here in Georgia.

    1. Lamborghini Miuraloved this car since seeing it smashed in “The Italian Job” (found the recent casting but really want the 1969 model) I also found a Bulgarian made Matchbox Miura…(11 Feb 2016.) The wheels are different and the interior is black not white. I still want the original Lesney model. (This model arrived in a package from the Netherlands on 29 January)

      Matchbox 1971 26-50
      Matchbox from 1971
    2. Foden Cement Mixer.. I have a weakness for cement mixers, I have a few but this is the one I REALLY want. In the 1969 range.
    3. Ford Mustang (#8)… I have a lot of Ford Mustangs this, or the Mercury Cougar, may have been the first American Muscle Car I was aware of…I have the hot rod version of each but I would like the earlier unmodified version.
    4. Mercury Cougar (#62) I have the later models of the Mustang and Cougar, when they were transformed into Hot Rods with exposed engines.Rat Rod and Wild Cat
    5. Jaguar E Type (regular wheels)… “the most beautiful car in the world”, as a child I was sorely tempted to steal the Matchbox model, now I’d prefer to find it and buy it legally…I did see one in an antiques shop in York but was deterred by the £45 price tag.
    6. Ferrari 250 GTL Berlinetta … I had a couple of rough models of this casting before I left England but I sold them at a Boot Sale, an act I now regret. (This model arrived in a package from the Netherlands on 29 January)
    7. Aston Martin DB2 … old Matchbox model from before I was born
    8. Citroen SM … I would like some model of this iconic French car…I picked up a beat up model for 20p….would like to find one in better condition. (This model arrived in a package from the Netherlands on 29 January)
    9. Fiat 1500 … it came out in turquoise and a much rarer red (found 15 July 2019, minus luggage and in a rough condition)
    10. Cadillac AmbulanceI had one of these too (there is also a different Cadillac Ambulance in the 2016 range which is also worthy of inclusion)(found 15 July 2019, painted brown and black by a previous owner and in a rough condition)
    11. Alfa Giulia Sprint … this just came out in red and white because of licensing issues with Ala Romeo
    12. Pontiac Convertible … this was a casting before I was born
    13. Pontiac Grand Prix… another transitional model released in Regular Wheels and Superfast
    14. Ford Pick up Truck …a red truck with a white canopy
    15. Volvo P1800s … a recent model (found 25 July 2019)
    16. Mercedes 300 Coupe … the regular wheels model had opening doors AND am opening boot (The superfast model arrived in a package from the Netherlands on 29 January)
    17. Lamborghini Countach …the first one put out by Matchbox in the early 70s not the later ones.
    18. Mercedes 230SL … convertible Mercedes from 60s (This model arrived in a package from the Netherlands on 29 January 2018)
    19. Lamborghini LM002… off road Lamborghini
    20. Racing Car Transporter (King Size Model) Racing car transporter catalogue image
    21. DAF Car Transporter … I love car transporters for displaying cars.
    22. Ford Mustang Mudstanger…Mustang with 4 x 4 big wheels treatment
    23. Mazda MX 5
    24. 66 Dodge A100 Truck (found 3 March 2018)
    25. Mazda RX 500 renewed interest having seen the car in GT6 (found a rough Streakers model 25 May 2017) (This model arrived in a package from the Netherlands on 29 January 2018)
    26. Swift Shuttle…coach in the 2016 range
    27. 1971 Nissan Skyline 2000GTX  (found 1 October 2019)
    28. Ford Transit News Van
    29. Toyota Prius  (found 17 July 2018)
    30. Runway Wrangler (found 3 March 2020)
    31. ’64 Ford Fairlane Wagon
    32. 93 Ford Mustang “Police”
    33. VW Transporter Cab new for 2016
    34. Volkswagen 1500 Saloon I prefer this one (issued 1968-1972) to the earlier Volkswagen 1200 Sedan (issued 1961-1964) because I had it as a child.
    35. ’64 Austin Mini Cooper (found 25 July 2019)
    36. Mercedes G60 6 wheeler
    37. Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren
    38. ’59 Chevy Wagon (with canoe)  (found 15 January 2018)
    39.  ’80 Mercedes-Benz W123 Wagon    (found 27 March 2021)

      (found 17 December 2020)

    40. ’51 Hudson Hornet Police
    41. ’69 BMW 2002
    42. Toyota Tacoma with canopy
    43. Buick Century Fire Chief
    44. Dodge Charger funny car (found 8 December 2018)
    45. ’89 Jeep Wagoneer
    46. Ford Escort RS 2000 (found 9 June 2018)
    47. Datsun 260Z
    48. Matra Rancho
    49. Rover 3500 Police
    50. Mercedes 450SEL
    51. Volvo 480ES
    52. Datsun 510 Rally
    53. 1976 Honda Civic (found 28 June 2021)
    54. NASA S.E.V./ Chariot
    55. 55 GMC Scenic Cruiser
    56. Ford Fairlane Wagon
    57. Ford Explorer (Jurassic Park)
    58. Dodge Challenger in metallic dark pink
    59. 1933 Plymouth Sedan
    60. Land Rover 90 (found 21 June 2018)
    61. VW Golf Mk 1
    62. ’90 VW Golf Country
    63. Peugeot 205
    64. Renault 11
    65. BMW 2002
    66. 1971 MGB GT Coupe (found 20 August 2021)
    67. Austin Healey
    68. ’56 Aston Martin DBR1 (found 5 April 2021)This is a model that came out for the new Top Gun film.
    69. Lotus Europa (JPS Colours)
    70. Jaguar F-Type…I sat in the real car in a showroom recently a gorgeous car.

      Me in Jaguar F Type
      I can dream….Jaguar F Type

      The display below is of the kind of collection I’d love, they are Matchbox models from the late 60s in mint or close to mint condition.

      Karl's collection
      Karl-Erik Thomsen’s Matchbox Collection


    1. Jaguar Mark X … my father’s dream car (he never realised the dream…but he did have the Corgi)…found a playworn Husky Mark X but would still like the full size Corgi model.
    2. Porsche Targa 911S
    3. Ferrari 206 Dino Sport
    4. Datsun 240Z (found 13 April 2019)
    5. Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
    6. Iso Grifo
    7. Porsche 911 Police (Corgi Juniors)
    8. Mercedes 280 SL (Corgi Rockets)
    9. Citroen Safari (Corgi Juniors)
    10. Cadillac Eldorado (Corgi Juniors)
    11. De Tomaso Mangusta (Corgi Juniors)
    12. NSU Ro80 (Corgi Juniors)
    13. Jensen Interceptor (Corgi Juniors)
    14. Ford Escort Rally (Corgi Juniors)
    15. Ford Mustang Mach 1 (James Bond)
    16. Mercury Cougar Fire Chief (Corgi Juniors)
    17. Ford Capri Fire Chief (Corgi Juniors)
    18. VW Double Trouble Hot Rod (Corgi Juniors)
    19. Volvo P1800S (Corgi Juniors)
    20. Porsche Carrera 6 (Corgi Juniors)
    21. Ford Mustang Competition Model This was on the same page of the 1969 Corgi Catalogue as the Ferrari 250 LM and Porsche Carrera 6 (both of which I have). It would be nice to have all three.
    22. Buick Riviera
  2. corgi juniors wants
    Corgi Juniors wants ringed
  3. Majorette wants:
    1. Citroen SM (found 27 August 2020)
    2. Renault 17
    3. Simca 1100 (found 18 March 2018)
    4. Mercedes 350SL (found 27 August 2020)
    5. Chrysler 180 (found 23 May 2019)
    6. Jaguar E Type (found 23 August 2020)
    7. Matra Simca Bagheera (found 2 May 2018)
    8. BMW 3.0CSL (found 27 August 2020)
    9. Renault 16 
    10. Jaguar F Type (found 24 November 2018)
    11. Jaguar F Type Majorette

    Siku Wants:

    1. Porsche 911E Targa
    2. Citroen SM
    3. Alfa Montreal
    4. Lamborghini Espada

Dinky wants

  1. Opel Commodore
  2. Jensen FF
  3. Range Rover (Fire Chief)
  4. Mercury Cougar
  5. NSU Ro 80  dinky_toys_catalogue_1972_4
  6. VW Porsche 914
  7. Monterverdi 375L
  8. Lotus Europa

Welly wants

  1. Citroen DS19 Convertible
  2. Ford Mustang
  3. Peugeot 404 Cabriolet
  4. Peugeot 504
  5. Pontiac GTO
  6. 1973 Citroen DS23 (found 20 August 2021)
  7. 1969 Ford Capri
  8. Jaguar F Type
  9. Renault 5

My preferences when collecting models are:

Diecast Brand: Matchbox is my favourite. This is partly for nostalgic reasons, they were the cars I had most when I was a child. The current Matchbox range only has a few vehicles which interest me, I find more in the Hot Wheels range to excite me. I have more Hot Wheels than any other brand, partly because they are more readily available than other brands (except Kinsmart, which is everywhere).

My favourite brands:

  1. Matchbox
  2. Corgi
  3. Majorette
  4. Hot Wheels
  5. Siku

Models: Generally I prefer sports cars from the sixties and seventies, I particularly like the first generation Ford Mustang, second generation Chevrolet Corvette, Maserati Bora, Alfa Romeo Montreal, Citroen SM, Mercury Cougar, Datsun 240Z, Jaguar E Type and Porsche 911.

Scale: 1:64 The scale for Hot Wheels, Matchbox and Majorette. This again is the scale I collected as a child and is usually cheaper to buy and easier to store and display than larger scales. My largest scale models are 1:18 Scale

Car Make: Some makes I prefer to others. I particularly like Porsche, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Citroen and Maserati.

  1. More details about my choosing criteria: In the mind of this collector
  2. Unusually for this blog this page contains pictures which aren’t mine, apart from the photo of me in the Jaguar.