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A Puzzle

A few months ago I picked up a Ravensburger 1000 piece puzzle (#19723) called “Traffic Jam”, I rarely do jigsaws but I couldn’t resist this one as it depicted a scene of old diecast cars, including many playworn Matchbox cars.

Jigsaw model cars
1000 pieces

Staying at home because of COVID-19 means I have a lot of time on my hands, what better way to expend such time than to do the puzzle.

Jigsaw model cars 2
lots of colourful pieces

The picture was very colourful, the cars having been arranged chromatically.

Jigsaw model cars 3
the bright orange car, which I don’t recognise, was the first to be assembled

I started assembling the edge pieces then attacked a bright orange car, which I was unfamiliar with. Then the turquoise vehicles in the bottom left including  a couple of Matchbox Fiat 1500s  and a Mercedes truck.

Jigsaw model cars 4

After two days I had finished. I have some of the models depicted, mine are playworn as are those in the picture. Does anyone recognise the bright orange car next to the Lamborghini Marzal?

I posted a picture of the puzzle on the Facebook group: Matchbox Collectors’ Forum (MCF), where Robert Swartz kindly identified all the vehicles:

From the bottom:

First row: MB #56 Fiat, MB #22 Pontiac Grand Prix, HW Classic 57 T-Bird, HW Python, Jaguar XJ6 (Corgi Juniors)

2nd row: Husky VW Transporter, MB #59 Ford Galaxie Fire Chief car, Not the Mercury shown on top of the box, MB #20 Lamborghini Marzal, Mercedes 280 SL (Corgi Juniors), MB #41 Ford GT.

3rd row: That may be the back end of a green MB #12 Land Rover that is missing its luggage, Then another #56 Fiat, MB #16 Case Bull Dozer, Corgi Jr, Futura, MB #42 Tyre Fryer

4th row: Maybe another Husky VW Transporter, MB #1 Mercedes Truck, #68 Porsche 910, MB #63 Crane Truck, MB #61 Blue Shark.

5th Row: Corgi Jr DeTomaso Mangusta, MB #42 Studebaker Wagonaire, MB #24 Rolls Royce, MB #34 Formula 1, Husky Ford Wrecker.

6th row: MB #67 Hot Rocker, MB #31 Lincoln Continental, MB #17 Hoveringham Dump Truck, Husky Guy Warrior, MB #48 Pi-eyed Piper.

7th Row: MB #63 Mercury Cougar, MB #12 Land Rover Safari, MB #28 Mack Dump Truck, Husky Studebaker Camera Car, #37 Soopa Coopa.

(HW=Hot Wheels, MB= Matchbox)