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London Buses

London buses
London Buses

The red double-decker buses in London have become a symbol of the city. The majority of buses in London are double-deckers. A particularly iconic example was the AEC Routemaster bus, which had been a staple of the public transport network in London for nearly half a century following its introduction in 1956. I lived in London from 1988 to 1991 and would regularly take a #15 Bus from home to work and back. Now these vintage buses can be caught on the 15H (heritage route). On other routes they have been replaced by modern buses which can accommodate disabled passengers more easily.

london bus nino
This is my friend Nino riding in the top of a London Double-Decker bus

Yesterday, I picked up a fourth London bus for my diecast collection, a model made in China, the metal body is cast in two pieces, the top now becoming a little loose from the bottom.

London Bus made in China
Routemaster Bus, Made in China

The model is secondhand and has no numbers or advertisements, maybe it did when new. I found another, bigger Chinese made model last month.

London Buses made in China
Model London Buses, made in China

I know there are many bus collectors in the hobby, I am not one of them. I picked up the buses because of a nostalgia for London. The shape of the Chinese made buses is good, the bodies are metal (the bases are plastic), however, the superfast style wheels are not so welcome.

My favourite bus is the Corgi AEC Routemaster Bus (#468), this model is from the late sixties and the model includes a driver and conductor.

Matchbox put out a series of Routemaster Buses in the Best of British range, there is a Lamley video showing the variety. Lamley Saturday Showcase: Matchbox Routemaster Double Decker Bus I haven’t found one of those models yet. The only Matchbox London Bus I have is a modern “Two-Story Bus“, it is unlicensed and the body is plastic (the base is metal), I’d prefer a metal model of the iconic Routemaster.

Matchbox two story bus
Matchbox Two Story Bus

Not all London Double Deckers are red.

london bus black
London “Necrobus”