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Trailers are not usually aesthetically pleasing but they do add tremendous play value to a collection of diecasts. Diecast ranges with many farm vehicles like Siku, Britain’s and Corgi have a large number of trailers.

The Matchbox 1-75 range had 6 trailers in its line up in 1969 and 1970. (#2 Mercedes Trailer #9 Boat and Trailer # 23 Trailer Caravan (#57 Eccles caravan in 1970) #38 Honda Motorcycle and Trailer #40 Hay Trailer and # 43 Pony Trailer)

Matchbox catalogue Caravans
Caravans in 1969 and 1970 catalogues

Back in 1969/70 many Matchbox cars had tow hooks even supercars like the Iso Grifo.

tow hooks
Tow Hooks: Ford Capri (MBX), Volvo (Majorette), Renault Kangoo (Majorette) and Iso Grifo (MBX)

Strangely, the Land Rover Discovery and the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40, which would seem ideal towing vehicles have no tow hooks, but sports cars like the Lotus Europa and Iso Grifo do.

towing hooks and trailers
The cars which would appear ideal towing vehicles: the Land Rover and Land Cruiser have no towing hooks, but the Iso Grifo and Lotus Europa do…


Assorted trailers (Siku, Majorette, Maisto and Matchbox)

In recent years Matchbox have tried to cut back on costs. The Pony Trailer is still in the Matchbox range but whereas it used to come with two ponies and a pull down ramp, now it has no opening feature and no ponies.

Matchbox Pony Trailer with ponies (right) and with a fixed back door (left)

The Chevrolet Surburban is one of the few recent Matchbox models with a tow hook and it seems to be a nice match for the Majorette Lion Cage Trailer.

Chevrolet Suburban and Lion Cage trailer green
Chevrolet Surburban (Matchbox) and Lion Cage Trailer (Majorette)