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Restoration Project: Pompe a Incendie (Fire Truck): Part 1

I have been thinking for some time about expanding my hobby from just collecting diecast cars to restoring or customising some. I have watched many videos by baremetalHW and toypolloi where they restore or customise broken old toys. These guys are inspiring and skillful. I have never been very practical with my hands, but I’d like to give it a go.

Last week I picked up a Majorette fire truck : Pompe a Incendie, this is a big model at 1/47 scale it is bigger than a Matchbox King Size fire truck.

Pompe a Incendie Majorette and Matchbox fire vehicles
Matchbox Super Kings Fire Tender (K9), Pompe a Incendie (Majorette) and Mercury Fire Chief Car (Matchbox) to show size of Majorette truck

First, as I am not familiar with the model,  I need to do some research to see how the Pompe a Incendie should look. This usually entails a google images search.

Pompe a Incendie Majorette research
searching Google

It would seem I’m missing a ladder, a hose, some compartment covers and the instruments on the side should be highlighted in silver. If I lived in the US or UK, I could search ebay for parts, but here in Georgia (the country not the state) I’ll have to trawl the markets and secondhand shops looking for suitable materials. Luckily the horns and roof light are still there, I saw pictures of a number of playworn vehicles, where these parts were missing.

Pompe a Incendie Majorette

Here are some photos of a model in mint condition.

pompe a incendie detail
This is how it should look with compartment covers, a ladder and the instruments highlighted in silver (photo: todocoleccion)

pompe side view
On the other side there are two hoses (photo: todocoleccion)

Now I need to hunt down some parts. Any tips appreciated. (to be continued)