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Growing up in the UK, I didn’t follow NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) but I recently picked up a couple of Matchbox Stock Cars and a third by Racing Champions.

#16 Ford Thunderbird Stock Car (MBX), #15 Pontiac Grand Prix Stock Car (MBX) and #38 Ford Thunderbird (RCI)

These cars are colourful, Matchbox put out a whole series of Stock Cars after the “Days of Thunder” film in the early nineties, primarily aimed at the American Market.

#16 Ford Thunderbird Stock Car (MBX), #15 Pontiac Stock Car (MBX)

The Pontiac has tyres decorated with the Good Year brand. The Ford‘s tyres are plainer but the car has better suspension.

I have become more aware of NASCAR recently from watching the Cars movies and from playing Gran Turismo 6 with some NASCAR simulation races, where I sometimes have difficulty controlling the car causing it to become airborne!


The models are colourful and like formula one cars can be seen as moving automotive advertisements. The shapes of the cars are very similar even if one is a Ford and another  a Pontiac (or a Chevy or a Toyota in the GT6 game).

The Racing Champions Inc Ford Thunderbird (#38) is the same scale as the Matchbox models (around 1:66) but has no interior or suspension, although it does have a metal base (the Matchbox models have a plastic base).  The Matchbox models are “Made in Thailand”, the Racing Champions model is “Made in China”.

#16 Ford Thunderbird Stock Car (MBX), #15 Pontiac Grand Prix Stock Car (MBX) and #38 Ford Thunderbird (RCI)

Now I need to watch “Days of Thunder“, a sort of Top Gun on wheels…

Screenshot from 2017-11-19 09:33:02
Screenshot from Days of Thunder

Update: 28 November returning to Dry Bridge Market, I see the football programme man (I forget his real name) still has some stock cars, so I pick up two more.