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9 Motorbikes

Motorbikes for me are a little like table tennis. Cars are like football. I love playing table tennis and riding motorbikes but I prefer to watch or look at cars or football. I have a few diecast motorcycles in my collection.  Maisto have a wide selection of model motorbikes, Hot Wheels have maybe 5 or 6 bikes in their range of 250 models in the mainline series, Matchbox have had a few motorcycles in their range, too. The first diecast bike I bought was a Hot Wheels Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, I’m not a particular fan of Harley Davidson, I prefer faster Japanese or Italian Motorbikes (Yamaha, Kawasaki or Ducati).


Motorbikes Hot Wheels x 4
4 Hot Wheels motorbikes: BMW K-1300R, Honda Z50 Monkey, Ducati 1199 Panigale and Harley Davidson Fat Boy

The Hot Wheels packaging art has a rider but the bike doesn’t. Motorbikes are inherently unstable at rest. Matchbox put out a few Motorcycle combinations (motorbike and sidecar) in the sixties, the third wheel balancing the model without the need for a stand. My Harley-Davidson doesn’t have a stand but it has a very fat back tyre so it can stand unassisted. All the Hot Wheels bikes have wide fat wheels so they can stand unassisted but they can’t race very far along the track…

Benelli TNT 1130 Century racer
Benelli TNT 1130 Century Racer (Bburago)

At 1/18 Scale I have a  Benelli TNT 1130 Century Racer (Bburago) and a Yamaha YZR F7 (Maisto). These have retractable stands for display. They are nicely detailed models but mostly plastic only the fuel tank is diecast. I don’t expect to add many more bikes to my collection but it would be nice to find a Triumph  sometime.

Motorbikes Yamaha and Benelli
Yamaha YZR F7 and Benelli TNT 1130

The two Matchbox bikes I have are both BMWs. A police BMW R1200RT-P with European style police livery and  a BMW R1200 GS “Military Police” minus its windshield.

Motorbikes Matchbox
Matchbox BMW Motorcycles

I also have a BMW R1100 RS “ADAC”* made by Siku (model number #1324). This is more detailed than the Mattel models and has steerable front forks.

Motorbikes Siku ADAC
BMW R1100 RS “ADAC” (Siku)

*ADAC = Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club (the German Automobile Club)