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Made in China

ჩინური ხარახურა (Chinuri Kharakhura), basically “Chinese crap”, a Georgian expression for the mass of shoddy goods coming from China. I love collecting diecast cars and have seen many rough diecasts in the markets and shops, these seem all to be of Chinese provenance.

A selection of models Made in China: De Tomaso Pantera, Aston Martin One 77, Honda CR-X, Lamborghini Miura and Audi Quattro

Sometimes if the model is a reasonable likeness of a car I like and the price is cheap, I will buy it. Often the bases are blank or just say “CHINA” or “Made in China”, occasionally with a reference number.

Lamborghini Miura Made in China base
Base of Lamborghini Miura

I have a model of an Audi R8 made in China, where the four iconic Audi rings have been reduced to three…

Audi R8
three ringed Audi…

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