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Anbulances x 14
14 Ambulances

I started blogging after reading a book called Blood, Sweat and Tea
about a London Ambulance Driver who kept a blog.

Now in the lockdown because of the medical emergency COVID-19, I thought I’d have a look at my own collection. I was able to find 14 ambulances quite quickly, I may have another two or three hidden away somewhere.

My favourites are the two Matchbox Speed Kings ambulances I have: a Mercedes “Binz” Ambulance and a Mercury Ambulance (which started life as a Mercury Police Car K-23).

Ambulances MBX Speed Kings
Mercedes and Mercury Ambulances (Matchbox Speed Kings)

I would like to find an ambulance of the type we see on the streets here, a Fiat Ducato, but haven’t come across a diecast version yet.

Fiat Ambulance
Fiat Ducato Ambulance, a common sight in Tbilisi

Stay Safe!

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