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Anbulances x 14
14 Ambulances

I started blogging after reading a book called Blood, Sweat and Tea
about a London Ambulance Driver who kept a blog.

Now in the lockdown because of the medical emergency COVID-19, I thought I’d have a look at my own collection. I was able to find 14 ambulances quite quickly, I may have another two or three hidden away somewhere.

My favourites are the two Matchbox Speed Kings ambulances I have: a Mercedes “Binz” Ambulance and a Mercury Ambulance (which started life as a Mercury Police Car K-23).

Ambulances MBX Speed Kings
Mercedes and Mercury Ambulances (Matchbox Speed Kings)

I would like to find an ambulance of the type we see on the streets here, a Fiat Ducato, but haven’t come across a diecast version yet.

Fiat Ambulance
Fiat Ducato Ambulance, a common sight in Tbilisi

Stay Safe!

“The only way out is through, and the only way through is together” John Green

Police Cars of the World

Police Cars of the World

DeAgostini has put out a series of 1:43 models of police cars from around the world with accompanying magazines, unfortunately for me the magazine is in Russian (I don’t speak Russian), but they have some cool pictures. The series had 80 models and 4 special editions, they were on sale from 2013 to 2016. I am not looking to collect them all.

The models look good but they are quite fragile, the Mercedes was broken when I got it, small pieces like number plates, bumpers, aerials and wing mirrors easily snap off.

Mercedes-Benz W114 Qatar Police

One of my favourites is a Jaguar MkII Police Car, as a small child when our car broke down we were taken home in a police Jaguar.

Alpine A310 and Jaguar Mk II

Here is a link to an advertisement (in Russian) for the series: Police Cars of the World

Two Soviet Police cars: a Moskvitch and a GAZ Volga 21 (these are from a different series)

The full list of models in the series:

#1 Ford Fairlane Police Detroit USA
#2 Fiat 238 Italian Police
#3 Jaguar MK II UK Police 1959 
#4 Subaru Impreza Police France
#5 Nissan Fairlady Z Datsun 240 Z Japanese Police 
#6 Opel Kapitan German Police
#7 Ford Crown Victoria NYPD USA
#8 GAZ-21 Volga Police USSR
#9 Land Rover Defender 109 LWB Police Hong Kong
#10 Holden FE Police Australia
#11 Alpine Renault A310 French Gendarmerie
#12 Honda NSX Japanese Police
#13 Hindustan Ambassador Police India
#14 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Italian Police
#15 Dodge Dart Spanish Police
#16 Chrysler De Soto Police Canada
#17 VW Transporter T2 Police Netherlands
#18 Toyota Land Cruiser Police Greece
#19 Ford Consul II Police England
#20 Lamborghini Gallardo Police Italy
#21 Plymouth Savoy Traffic Police Oklahoma USA
#22 Mercedes 450 SEL W116 Police USSR
#23 Trabant People’s Police GDR
#24 Warszawa 223 Poland People’s Militia
#25 Chevrolet Bel Air Police of the city of Norwich USA
#26 Ford Transit MK1 City Police UK
#27 Citroen DS21 Police France
#28 Audi Q7 Police Luxembourg
#29 VAZ-2107 Lada Militsiya Ukraine
#30 Chevrolet Camaro SS Police Texas USA
#31 Ford Cortina Israel Police
#32 Buick Special Police California USA
#33 Suzuki Samurai Police Malaysia
#34 GAZ-22 Volga Police Hungary
#35 Checker Marathon Police Exeter USA
#36 Ford Crown Victoria Police Mexico
#37 GAZ-21 Volga Bulgaria People’s Militia
#38 Audi A6 Avant Police Sweden
#39 Jeep Wagoneer Police Pennsylvania USA
#40 Fiat Punto SX Gendarmerie of San Marino
#41 Ford Transit CRS National Police of France
#42 Chrysler Airflow CRS 1936 Police San Francisco USA
#43 Alfa Romeo 159 National Guard of Spain
#44 RAF-22038 Latvia Latvian Police
#45 Smart City Coupe Police Austria
#46 Ford Galaxie 500 1965 City Police Westwood USA
#47 Peugeot 404 British Police South Africa
#47 SAAB 9-5 Police Moscow Russia
#49 Alfa Romeo 156 Police Belgium
#50 Ford Fordor 1947 Police San Diego USA
#51 Nissan GTR Police Arab Emirates
#52 Dacia 1310 Police Romania
#53 Dodge Coronet 1973 Los Angeles Police USA
#54 Nissan Patrol 1985 National Guard Portugal
#55 VAZ-2104 Lada Police Belarus
#56 Volvo 240 Police Sweden
#57 Tatra 603 Police Czechoslovakia
#58 Subaru Legacy Police Switzerland
#59 Mercedes W123 GAI Police Moscow USSR
#60 Willys Rural Police Brazil
#61 Opel Omega Switzerland Police Switzerland
#62 Volvo 343 Holland Police
#63 Barkas West Germany Police
#64 Citroen 2CV Ertzaintza Spain Police
#65 Fiat 615 Carabinieri Italy Police
#66 Peugeot J7 Brussel Police Belgium
#67 Ford Galaxie 500 1964 NYPD
#68 Opel Kapitan 1951 East Germany Police
#69 Ford Econoline Colombia Police
#70 Mercedes-Benz W114 Qatar Police
#71 Daewoo Espero S South Korea Police
#72 Saab 900 Turbo Finland Police
#73 Volvo 244 Norway Police
#74 UAZ- 469 Estonia Police
#75 Pontiac Chieftain 1954 Cuba Police
#76 Renault 4L Garda Ireland Police
#77 Volvo 164 Sweden Police
#78 DAF 33 Dutch Police
#79 Mercedes-Benz W108 Kuwait Police
#80 VW Beetle 1970 Afghanistan Police
##Special edition 1 Fiat Campagnola 1959 Italian Carabinieri Police
##Special edition 2 Rayton Fissore Magnum 2,5 TDI Italian Police
##Special edition 3 Subaru Forester 2007 Italian Police
##Special edition 4 Mitsubishi Pajero SWB 1998

I have many other police cars in my collection which are of other diecast brands, which do you think is best for catching the criminals?

Police Cars
a selection of Police Cars from around the World