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Diecast Brands: Tomica

Tomica is a Japanese diecast brand, launched in 1970. I never had any as a child but I now have four, which I picked up at Drybridge Market in Tbilisi. Three are Toyotas: a pair of Crowns and a Dyna truck that looks like it is for cleaning drains and the fourth is a Datsun Sunny Excellent 1400 GXThree of these models are “Made in Japan” but newer models like the Dyna truck, are Made in China. In May 1995, the production of many regular models was moved from Japan to China and by July 1997, all regular line Tomica cars were made in China.

Tomica models

I am fairly sure the military police Toyota Crown was painted by a previous owner and they did a great job, I don’t usually like the original paintwork gone over. The size and quality is similar to Matchbox and they also come with a box if bought new (I haven’t seen any outlets for new Tomicas here in Georgia).

Update: found a six wheeled Tyrell Ford P34 at Dry Bridge Market (11 November 2017).

Tyrell Ford P34
Tyrell Ford P34