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Norev selection of French Cars
French cars by Norev

Norev is a French diecast manufacturer like Majorette and Solido. I started my Norev collection with  three models acquired on a trip to Paris in 2012 (remember the days when we could travel freely?). I now have ten Norev models.

The first three cars were “RETRO” models of fifties French cars: Citroën DS, Citroën 2CV and Renault Dauphine. Three iconic French cars, especially the Citroëns. The scales are between 1:54 for the Renault and the 2CV and 1:58 for the DS.

The models are “Designed in France” but made in China, like many other “European” brands.

Norev do other scales including 1:43 and a nice Citroen SM in 1:18.

They also have a website with some interesting but rather pricey models.

The Norev models I have found secondhand in Tbilisi have all been made in France,  usually they are of French cars like these Renaults.

Norev Renaults
4 Norev Renaults

I also found these two concept cars:  a Maserati Boomerang (1:64 scale) and a Mercedes C111 (1:43 scale).

Norev Maserati Boomerang and Mercedes C111
Mercedes C 111 and Maserati Boomerang