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Kinsmart 1967 VW Beetle Police

Box 6 (82 vehicles)

Continuing with the Count of my collection , I wanted to look in more detail at the models which I have. I want to know how many models I have in total of certain brands (Hot Wheels, Corgi, Majorette etc…). Here in “box 6” among the 82, are 4 examples of the 1967 Classic VW Beetle in 1:32 scale. All 4 models are “Made in China“, two have the brand “Kinsmart marked on the base, two don’t.

1967 Classic VW Beetle 1:32 Scale

The Yellow Beetle is clearly different from the rest as it has an opening hood (bonnet), it is also marked with “SS” on the base, not a reference to the Beetle‘s Nazi origins but to Sunnyside or Superior-Sunnyside, a Chinese Manufacture of diecasts based in Hong Kong.

The two Police Cars are more intriguing, I thought they were both Kinsmart at first but their bases are different, the red model doesn’t have a manufacturer name marked on the base.

Both cars have the number “388” on the roof, a common feature of many Kinsmart Police Cars.

“388” on the rooves of both cars

The black and white Kinsmart model has slightly better detailing of parts like the indicators and windscreen wipers.

Like the Ford Escort of my previous post, these VW Beetles give me that frisson of nostalgia, because they remind me of models around when I was a young child, particularly the black and white police model.