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I Found an old Corgi and an older Dinky at Dry Bridge Market, Tbilisi

I haven’t been hunting much for diecast cars this year because of the Pandemic restrictions and because I’ve been occupied creating YouTube content. Yesterday (9 June), I made a visit to Dry Bridge Market in Tbilisi, I wasn’t expecting anything much but then I saw a Corgi DeTomaso Mangusta.

From the Corgi Catalogue 1971-72, I have 7 of the 16 Sports Cars, the DeTomaso makes it 8. I really would like to find the Iso Grifo and the Porsche 911 Targa. These have such a nostalgia buzz.

And that was not all…on Zura’s stand I spied a couple of old Dinky Toys, a truck and a Plymouth Woody.

The Plymouth “Woody” Wagon is from about 1950, a previous owner had painted over some of the details but it is still an attractive model.

I am very happy with this small haul.

Looking through the collection

This time of being forced to stay at home gives us the opportunity to enjoy our diecast collections. Below a few Corgi cars I pulled off the shelf.

Corgi x 5
Here are some of my Corgis: Mini Marcos, Mini Cooper, Ford Capri, Morris Marina and Rover 2000TC

I was reading about the Porsche P-911 that Marc of  The Race Case had found on the Facebook Marketplace, Hot Ones P-911. This inspired me to find my own P-911, then I found myself pulling off the shelves some other favourite Hot Wheels, old and new, for a photoshoot. These aren’t all my favourites, some favourites like the Mystery Machine Super Treasure Hunt are still in their blisters.

Hot Wheels old and new
11 Hot Wheels cars

In the picture are some recent models like the Lamborghini Countach Pace Car’70 Ford Escort RS1600, BMW 3.0CSL, VW Kafer Racer, Lamborghini Aventador and TV Series Batmobile. Also a few older models like the P-911, Mercedes 280 SL, Rodger Dodger, Z-Whiz (Datsun 240Z) and my only “sweet sixteen” a Custom Firebird.

This period of quarantine won’t be ending anytime soon, so I’ll have plenty of time to explore my collection further in the coming weeks.

Stay safe and healthy.

Some of my favourite Corgis

Whilst the COVID-19 Pandemic keeps me stuck at home, it allows me to explore my diecast collection.

Here are some of my favourite Corgi Cars.

Corgi favourites
Citroen SM, Datsun 240Z, Porsche 917, Renault 16TS, Jaguar E-Type, Rover 2000TC, De Tomaso Mangusta, Mini Marcos, Ghia L6.4 and John Player Special Lotus

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow (convertible) – Corgi

insta Roller
Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

The Rolls Royce Silver Shadow convertible, by Corgi (#279). This model has many  features including opening bonnet, opening boot, opening doors, tipping seats and jewelled headlights. Rolls-Royce claimed to be the best car in the world and the real car came with a hefty price tag. The diecast figure did not come with the model, I found it loose in the market, I don’t know its origin. In 1971 the Silver Shadow two door models were given the separate identity of Corniche, but this model has Silver Shadow stamped on the base along with Mulliner Park Ward, the bespoke coachbuilder. Matchbox made a Corniche model in their 1-75 range. Corgi also made a coupe version of this model. I picked the model up from Gocha’s stall in Dry Bridge Market, Tbilisi for 50 lari ($16.89), a good price for a Roller.


Today’s finds: JPS Lotus (Corgi) and Peugeot 504 (Norev)

Peugeot 504 (Norev) and John Player Special (Corgi)

If I want to save money, I should avoid visiting Gocha’s stall on Dry Bridge Market. In recent weeks he has had a few Corgis from the seventies. Today he had the John Player Special, this model graced the cover of the 1974 Corgi catalogue.

corgi catalogue 1974

The John Player Special was one of Corgi’s best-selling models, at school in the seventies Formula One models were popular as you could race them across the playground without them tumbling over because of their low centre of gravity. I wonder how many of my school mates went on to smoke the advertised cigarette brand, the Marlboro McLaren was also very popular. The model I found today is without the chipped paint from playground racing. It is 1/36 scale.

Corgis on Gocha's Stall
some Corgis on Gocha’s stall last month (two of which are now in my collection)

He also had a Peugeot 504 in East African Rally guise. This model was made by Norev in France. It is 1/43 scale. My brother once had a real Peugeot 504, he has had many real cars, I remember him visiting me at university in the mid-eighties in his 504, his was red.

Two Delightful Corgis

Porsche 917 and Datsun 240Z

I found these two lovely Corgi models, dating from the early seventies, at Dry Bridge market in Tbilisi. The Datsun 240Z had been on my Wants’ List for a long while. Gocha had 5 Corgi models in boxes, the Datsun was an easy first choice, but the second model was more tricky. I would have picked up any of these Corgis had they been alone on the stall.

Corgis on Gocha's Stall
Corgis on Gocha’s stall

The V12 Jaguar E Type is a lovely model of a fantastic car, but I already have the regular wheels version. The Lotus Elite was also tempting, as was the Ford Mustang Mach 1 but in the end the choice of my inner algorithm was the Porsche 917.

Corgi – Hot Wheels

Mattel acquired Mettoy, which owned the Corgi Brand in 1989, the models never mixed until 1996 when several Corgi castings were briefly added to the Hot Wheels line-up. After 5 years, Corgi had left Mattel in 1995. In 1997 Mattel would buy Matchbox. One of the Corgi castings taken on by Mattel was the Mercedes 190E 2.6.

Mercedes 190E 2.6 with figure
Mercedes 190E 2.6

I picked up one of these this week.

The base of the Mercedes offer little information just the Hot Wheels logo and “Made in China”. The base is more like a Corgi model of the eighties than a Hot Wheels model.

Mercedes 190E 2.6 base
Mercedes 190E base

A list of many of the Hot Wheels which used to be Corgi (from Zeezeerider)

1. BMW 850I #498
2. Corvette Coupe #499
3. Ferrari 308GTS #496
4. Ferrari 348TB
5. Ferrari Testarossa #497
6. Ford Sierra Ghia #615
7. Ford Thunderbird Convertible #612
8. London Bus #613
9. London Taxi #619
10. Mercedes 500SL #815
11. (Ford) Mustang Cobra #623
12. Porsche 935
13. Porsche (911)Carrera #829,#818,#967,#146, and #130. Porsche carrera corgi hot wheels silver
14. BMW M3
15. Cement Mixer
16. City Police #622
17. Fire-eater II #611.
18. Flame Stopper II #617.
19. Ford Transit Wrecker #620
20. Highway Builder (European Card Only)
21. Jaguar XJR9 or XJR12 (Europe Only)
22. Land Rover Mark II # 610
23. Merecedes 2.6 190E #605
24. Merecedes 300TD
25. Off Road Racer
26. Road Roller (small European Card)
27. Sandstinger (Small European card)
28. Trailer with Dinghy (Action Pack Surf Patrol)
29. BMW 325i #603
30. Custom Van (Used in Auto City and Limited
Promo Editions for Chucky Cheese and JC Whitney).
31. Oil Refinery Truck
32. Tipper #712

33. Ford Transit Van

Some of these Hot Wheels models of Corgi origin  are shown in this Race Grooves video

Therein lies a tale…

I remember my 8 year old self in the school playground some 45 years ago. We would play a game of car “tag”, where we’d push our toy cars across the asphalt trying to tag (bump) our friends’ cars. I had a brand new Corgi Marcos Mantis, given to me by my Uncle Norman, a week earlier. Uncle Norman was Dad’s friend, who would visit once a year and bring a shiny new diecast for my brother and I. I remember pushing my car gently onto a drain cover, I thought it a sneaky move to win the game as the others wouldn’t dare chase me there.

drain cover (not the actual one but of a similar design)

Then I gave another slight push and to my horror the car slid and fell into the drain, with a loud plop. I don’t remember crying but my heart dropped. It was not possible to lift the drain cover, my car was gone.

Gocha’s Stall, Dry Bridge Market

45 years later, a visit to Dry Bridge Market in Tbilisi, and to my great surprise, I find a Corgi Marcos Mantis on Gocha’s stall. A few chips and a grubby interior but otherwise in good condition. The asking price a mere 20 lari ($8). I sincerely doubt it is the one I dropped in the drain but it serves as an adequate replacement. I, alas, am unable to console my eight-year-old self, he has long passed into the ether of time, but it does have that frisson of nostalgia, which fuels my collecting.

Corgi Marcos Mantis

One thing is for sure, this one is not going anywhere near a drain cover! There are some other diecast memories from my childhood, but those tales should wait until I find the relevant models: a Dinky Ford Capri, a Dinky Lotus Europa, a Matchbox Pickford’s Removal Van….