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Bburago 1:32 Classic

The Bburago 1:32 Classic range comprises just ten models each in a choice of two colours*. All of them are very attractive  models and very tempting, I have so far succumbed on six occasions (over half the range). Six years ago in Paris I picked up the Citroen DS and Ford Capri 2600, both of which I have since seen here in Tbilisi. More recently I have added a Porsche 911, BMW 507, BMW 2002 and a Mercedes 450SL convertible.

Bburago 1:32 models

The other cars in the range are: Alfa Romeo Spider,  Citroen 2CV, VW Golf Mark 1 GTi, and a Mini Cooper. All very tempting. The “classic” range are significantly more expensive than the standard 1:32 range, they each come with a plastic plinth the standard range come with a cardboard plinth. All the cars have opening doors.

Bburago 132

The models boast Italian Design but are “Made in China”

Italian design
Italian Design

Bburago Classic 1 32

*The Citroen 2CV only has one colour option.