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Diecast Car Collecting 101

diecast collecting 101

I was looking on the Kindle app on my phone for some books on diecast cars and this came up. I downloaded a sample and the chapter headings seemed interesting. There are some interesting chapters on customising but overall it is too American-centric, not all of us have a handy Wal-mart to find the mentioned products. The author is aware of British diecast (Matchbox, Dinky and Corgi) but makes no mention of brands like Siku (German), Majorette (French), Norev (also French), Tekno (Danish) or Tomica (Japanese). I would have liked to have seen more on why people collect, a few reasons are explored but I wanted more depth. It is a quick read, I finished it in a day. I would have liked more illustrations too, there are some related to the customising process but I’d like to have seen more of the author’s collection (which he tells us is 900 and counting).