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Monthly Acquisitions September 2021

I added six cars to my collection this month and four departed. I bought three and the other three I got in an exchange with a local collector here in Tbilisi.

5 Matchbox 1 Hot Wheels
  1. ’89 Porsche 944 Turbo (Hot Wheels).
  2. Mazda RX 7 (Matchbox) 1:56 Scale. Made in Macau.
  3. Pontiac Fiero (Matchbox) 1:56 Scale. Made in Macau. I got this model from Zura at Dry Bridge Market.
  4. Ford Escort Cabriolet. (Matchbox) 1:56 Scale. Made in Macau.
  5. Saab 9000 Turbo. (Matchbox) 1:60 Scale. Made in Macau.
  6. Road Stripe King (Matchbox). This truck has an interesting feature where you can insert a pencil or crayon through the centre for drawing on paper or whatever.

I found a fellow collector L in Tbilisi, when he commented on a post I made on a Facebook group: Matchbox Collectors’ Forum. We friended each other and exchanged messages and this month, having both been vaccinated, we finally met up. L wanted some Made in England Matchbox and he had some Made in Macau Matchbox available for exchange. He sent pictures and I selected the Saab and the Ford. In exchange for Siva Spyder and Flying Bug. I added a Lotus Seven and a new model of Mr Bean’s Mini and he added the Mazda RX7.

These were the models I gave L
These were the models I received in the exchange.


Totals: 6 Models:  1 Hot Wheels, 5 Matchbox

2 bought new, 1 bought secondhand and 3 acquired through a swap 

Outlets:  1 Pepela, 1 Carrefour, 1 Dry Bridge, 3 from L

Net expenditure: 25.85 lari ($8.31)

1 lari = 32 US cents

Monthly acquistions August 2021

Because of the Pandemic and the heat, I didn’t look very often for new models for my collection.

4 Recent models modelled on 70s cars

The cars I bought this month were all new models of seventies cars.

  • ’70 Toyota Celica (Hot Wheels)
  • Mazda MX 3 (Hot Wheels)
  • MG MGB GT 1971 (Matchbox)
  • Citroen DS 23 1973 (Welly)


Totals: 4 Models:  2 Hot Wheels, 1 Matchbox and 1 Welly

4 Bought new, 0 bought secondhand, 

Outlets:  3 Pepela, 1 Carrefour

Net expenditure: 38.65 lari ($12.39)

1 lari = 32 US cents

Matchbox “Moving parts” Chevy Monte Carlo LS

After an absence of three or four years, the Matchbox brand returned to the shops of Tbilisi, Georgia. Not only did they stock the regular line of Matchbox cars but they also had a premium line of cars with “moving parts”. I open up and have a look at the 1988 Chevy Monte Carlo LS from this range. In the video clip, I also look at two models a Land Rover and a Chevy Wagon with interchangeable luggage.

Monthly Acquisitions :July 2021

Just three cars this month

I haven’t been hunting a lot this month, I look in my local grocery store and Pepela but they don’t have any new stock. I did find the Honda Prelude at Pepela but nothing else I wanted which I didn’t already have. I found the other two cars at Dry Bridge Market, a Matchbox BMW 323i Cabriolet and a Peugeot 505 STi (Siku).

  1. Honda Prelude (Hot Wheels). I like when a car has a bright colour and a black bonnet, this reminds me of the Matchbox Capri of the early seventies. I also love classic sporty Hondas, so I had to get this one.
  2. BMW 323i Convertible (Matchbox). 1:58 scale. This model was made in the late 1980s, the base is marked “Matchbox Int’l” it was made in Thailand. Most of the black paint around the windows has been rubbed off.
  3. Peugeot 505STi (Siku). 1:55 scale. My father had a Peugeot 305 for a while, a similar style to the larger 505. This model was made in West Germany in the 1980s.
Made in W-Germany


Totals: 3 Models:  1 Hot Wheels, 1 Matchbox and 1 Siku

1 Bought new, 2 bought secondhand, 

Outlets:  2 Dry Bridge Market, 1 Pepela

Net expenditure: 18.90 lari ($6.13)

1 lari = 32 US cents

Monthly Acquisitions June 2021

June 2021 Monthly Acquisitions

June has seen some nice additions to my collection. 5 New Hot Wheels, 4 New Matchbox, 1 old Corgi and 1 very old Dinky.

Hot Wheels additions
  1. ’71 Datsun 510
  2. Dodge Van with MoonEyes deco
  3. Nissan R390 GT1
  4. Mad Manga with Manga deco
  5. 10 Copo Camaro with Pictionary deco

3 of these Hot Wheels models I chose for their deco.

Matchbox acquisitions
  1. 1988 Chevy Monte Carlo with opening doors. As a child many of the Matchbox cars in my collection had opening features. Now opening features command a premium price.
  2. 1976 Honda Civic. I can’t resist Hondas, my favorite Japanese make.
  3. 1965 Land Rover Safari. This reminds me of the Lesney Land Rover Safari.
  4. 1956 Aston Martin DBR1. A classic sports car in British Racing Green. (I have three of this same model now).

I also went to Dry Bridge Market this month, where I found an old Corgi DeTomaso Mangusta and an older Dinky Plymouth “Woody” Station Wagon

De Tomaso Mangusta and Plymouth “Woody”

Totals: 11 Models:  5 Hot Wheels, 4 Matchbox, 1 Corgi and 1 Dinky

9 Bought new 2 bought secondhand

Outlets:  5 Pepela, 4 Carrefour, 2 Dry Bridge Market

Net expenditure: 162.10 Georgian lari ($51.71)

1 lari = 32 US cents

Some New Hot Wheels

Carrefour, my local supermarket has some new Hot Wheels, these are from the Hot Wheels H Case. I’ve been studying the videos of what to expect from this selection and found 4 of the 6 models, which really interest me.

  1. Dodge Van (Mooneyes) deco. In the back of the van is a go kart moulded to the interior decor.
  2. ’71 Datsun 510 The Super Treasure Hunt for this case will be this model but with Real Rider tires and a darker green spectraflame paintjob. Even in the regular version it looks fantastic.
  3. Nissan R390 GTI. A one off Nissan Supercar, produced as a road version to allow a modified racing version to compete at Le Mans.
  4. 10 Copo Camaro. I got this for the decor. I love the combination of blue and yellow and the Pictionary graphics.
  5. Toyota Celica. I’m still looking for this.
  6. Mercedes 500E. I’m still looking for this.

Two further cars, I’m considering

  1. Mad Manga. This is a car based on the Japanese bouzouki style with Manga graphics.
  2. Bone Shaker with Mooneyes deco. Bone Shaker is an iconic Hot Wheels model.

The MOONEYES Deco can be seen on many Hot Wheels cars. I don’t intend collecting them all, but I do like the deco, I also liked the Hot Wheels anniversary deco, which was used on many cars. With the addition of the Dodge Van, I have three vehicles with the Mooneyes Deco now, the other two being VW Beetle based: a Custom Beetle and a ‘49 VW Beetle Pick Up. Dean Moon (May 1, 1927 – June 4, 1987) established a company making parts that became an icon in the hot rodding industry.

I Found an old Corgi and an older Dinky at Dry Bridge Market, Tbilisi

I haven’t been hunting much for diecast cars this year because of the Pandemic restrictions and because I’ve been occupied creating YouTube content. Yesterday (9 June), I made a visit to Dry Bridge Market in Tbilisi, I wasn’t expecting anything much but then I saw a Corgi DeTomaso Mangusta.

From the Corgi Catalogue 1971-72, I have 7 of the 16 Sports Cars, the DeTomaso makes it 8. I really would like to find the Iso Grifo and the Porsche 911 Targa. These have such a nostalgia buzz.

And that was not all…on Zura’s stand I spied a couple of old Dinky Toys, a truck and a Plymouth Woody.

The Plymouth “Woody” Wagon is from about 1950, a previous owner had painted over some of the details but it is still an attractive model.

I am very happy with this small haul.

Monthly Acquisitons: May 2021

The Pandemic has put something of a dampener on my collecting, the only cars I picked up this month were some of the new Matchbox selection in Pepela, a toy store in the same mall as Carrefour, where I do my grocery shopping. I don’t go searching the city for Diecast on the same scale as I used to pre-Pandemic.

This month, I picked up just three new Matchbox cars. Two, were repeats of those I already had and the third a Jeep Willys was a casting I already had but in different liveries.

May Acquisitions: Mercedes Wagon, Mr Bean’s Mini and Jeep Wiilys

  1. 80 Mercedes W123 Wagon. I like estate cars, growing up my father had a few estate cars to accommodate all of us. He never had a Mercedes. This is the second time I have this.
  2. Mr Bean’s Mini. 1:59 scale. If you looked at my April post, you’ll see I had two of these already. Now I have three. One I’ll keep in the packaging, one is loose and one is for a collector friend, who I hope to see once this Pandemic is over.
  3. Jeep Willys. 1:52 scale. This is the fourth variant I have of this casting. I like its classic iconic look.
Jeep Willys x 4

Totals: 3 Models:  3 Matchbox

3 Bought new

Outlets:  3 Pepela

Net expenditure: 19.76 Georgian lari ($6.06)

1 lari = 31 US cents