Monthly Acquisitions September 2021

I added six cars to my collection this month and four departed. I bought three and the other three I got in an exchange with a local collector here in Tbilisi.

5 Matchbox 1 Hot Wheels
  1. ’89 Porsche 944 Turbo (Hot Wheels).
  2. Mazda RX 7 (Matchbox) 1:56 Scale. Made in Macau.
  3. Pontiac Fiero (Matchbox) 1:56 Scale. Made in Macau. I got this model from Zura at Dry Bridge Market.
  4. Ford Escort Cabriolet. (Matchbox) 1:56 Scale. Made in Macau.
  5. Saab 9000 Turbo. (Matchbox) 1:60 Scale. Made in Macau.
  6. Road Stripe King (Matchbox). This truck has an interesting feature where you can insert a pencil or crayon through the centre for drawing on paper or whatever.

I found a fellow collector L in Tbilisi, when he commented on a post I made on a Facebook group: Matchbox Collectors’ Forum. We friended each other and exchanged messages and this month, having both been vaccinated, we finally met up. L wanted some Made in England Matchbox and he had some Made in Macau Matchbox available for exchange. He sent pictures and I selected the Saab and the Ford. In exchange for Siva Spyder and Flying Bug. I added a Lotus Seven and a new model of Mr Bean’s Mini and he added the Mazda RX7.

These were the models I gave L
These were the models I received in the exchange.


Totals: 6 Models:  1 Hot Wheels, 5 Matchbox

2 bought new, 1 bought secondhand and 3 acquired through a swap 

Outlets:  1 Pepela, 1 Carrefour, 1 Dry Bridge, 3 from L

Net expenditure: 25.85 lari ($8.31)

1 lari = 32 US cents

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