Some New Hot Wheels

Carrefour, my local supermarket has some new Hot Wheels, these are from the Hot Wheels H Case. I’ve been studying the videos of what to expect from this selection and found 4 of the 6 models, which really interest me.

  1. Dodge Van (Mooneyes) deco. In the back of the van is a go kart moulded to the interior decor.
  2. ’71 Datsun 510 The Super Treasure Hunt for this case will be this model but with Real Rider tires and a darker green spectraflame paintjob. Even in the regular version it looks fantastic.
  3. Nissan R390 GTI. A one off Nissan Supercar, produced as a road version to allow a modified racing version to compete at Le Mans.
  4. 10 Copo Camaro. I got this for the decor. I love the combination of blue and yellow and the Pictionary graphics.
  5. Toyota Celica. I’m still looking for this.
  6. Mercedes 500E. I’m still looking for this.

Two further cars, I’m considering

  1. Mad Manga. This is a car based on the Japanese bouzouki style with Manga graphics.
  2. Bone Shaker with Mooneyes deco. Bone Shaker is an iconic Hot Wheels model.

The MOONEYES Deco can be seen on many Hot Wheels cars. I don’t intend collecting them all, but I do like the deco, I also liked the Hot Wheels anniversary deco, which was used on many cars. With the addition of the Dodge Van, I have three vehicles with the Mooneyes Deco now, the other two being VW Beetle based: a Custom Beetle and a ‘49 VW Beetle Pick Up. Dean Moon (May 1, 1927 – June 4, 1987) established a company making parts that became an icon in the hot rodding industry.

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