Hot Wheels Mystery Models 2018 (Series 1)

Hot Wheels Mystery Model 2
Hot Wheels Mystery Models

Hot Wheels launched a set of “Mystery” Models in February 2018. The twelve in the series are mostly licensed models (replicas of real cars not fantasy models). Each car has a number reflecting its number in the series.

The models are

  1. 13 Copo Camaro
  2. Ford GT LM (this is the gold chase piece of the set)
  3. Carbide
  4. Mazda Furai
  5. Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport (this is one of two silver chase pieces in the set)
  6. Lancia Stratos
  7. Chicane
  8. Super Volt
  9. F1 Racer
  10. Mazda RX 7 (this is one of two silver chase pieces in the set)
  11. Pass n Gasser
  12. ’70 Ford Mustang Mach 1

I’m not looking for all twelve, and whilst the Corvette and Mustang look great, the three that interest me are the Lancia Stratos, Mazda RX7 and Ford GT.


I showed on YouTube my opening of each package:

Lancia Stratos opening

Mazda RX7 opening

Ford GT opening

There wasn’t a real mystery as the packaging has a code indicating which model is inside.

Hot Wheels Mystery Model 6
K48/02 … the 02 means it is model 2…the Ford GT

Each package comes with a car, a sticker and a poster showing all the cars in the series.

A YouTube video showing the whole series was put out by the Lamley Group: Video


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