Corgi – Hot Wheels

Mattel acquired Mettoy, which owned the Corgi Brand in 1989, the models never mixed until 1996 when several Corgi castings were briefly added to the Hot Wheels line-up. After 5 years, Corgi had left Mattel in 1995. In 1997 Mattel would buy Matchbox. One of the Corgi castings taken on by Mattel was the Mercedes 190E 2.6.

Mercedes 190E 2.6 with figure
Mercedes 190E 2.6

I picked up one of these this week.

The base of the Mercedes offer little information just the Hot Wheels logo and “Made in China”. The base is more like a Corgi model of the eighties than a Hot Wheels model.

Mercedes 190E 2.6 base
Mercedes 190E base

A list of many of the Hot Wheels which used to be Corgi (from Zeezeerider)

1. BMW 850I #498
2. Corvette Coupe #499
3. Ferrari 308GTS #496
4. Ferrari 348TB
5. Ferrari Testarossa #497
6. Ford Sierra Ghia #615
7. Ford Thunderbird Convertible #612
8. London Bus #613
9. London Taxi #619
10. Mercedes 500SL #815
11. (Ford) Mustang Cobra #623
12. Porsche 935
13. Porsche (911)Carrera #829,#818,#967,#146, and #130. Porsche carrera corgi hot wheels silver
14. BMW M3
15. Cement Mixer
16. City Police #622
17. Fire-eater II #611.
18. Flame Stopper II #617.
19. Ford Transit Wrecker #620
20. Highway Builder (European Card Only)
21. Jaguar XJR9 or XJR12 (Europe Only)
22. Land Rover Mark II # 610
23. Merecedes 2.6 190E #605
24. Merecedes 300TD
25. Off Road Racer
26. Road Roller (small European Card)
27. Sandstinger (Small European card)
28. Trailer with Dinghy (Action Pack Surf Patrol)
29. BMW 325i #603
30. Custom Van (Used in Auto City and Limited
Promo Editions for Chucky Cheese and JC Whitney).
31. Oil Refinery Truck
32. Tipper #712

33. Ford Transit Van

Some of these Hot Wheels models of Corgi origin  are shown in this Race Grooves video

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