Weekly Photo Challenge: Story

This week’s photo challenge is Story

Here is a “Toy Story” 😀

My wonderful Facebook friend “Dutch” sent me 12 old Matchbox models and asked for nothing in return except for some pictures taken of the models here in Georgia (the country not the state). I was happy to oblige…a story with a happy ending.

Most I took around Tbilisi, where I live.

Lamborghini Marzal outside 3
თბილისი “Tbilisi” wrought in iron
Renault 17TL Outside
Renault 17TL

I even ventured outside Tbilisi to the ski resort of Bakuriani, to capture the BMC 1800 Pininfarina in the snow.

BMC 1800 Pininfarina and Snow Groomer 7

The cars have for me this tremendous frisson of nostalgia as they were like the models I had as a child and lost over the years.

DeTomaso Pantera, Kashveti Church

The psychology of why I,  an adult, still collect Matchbox cars is another story … Reflections on Why I collect diecast cars?

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Story”

  1. Hi Jim,
    seems we are soulmates as to die-cast 😀
    I collect actually every brand, my favorite ones are matchbox/dinky/corgi and Triang Spot-on, which might be a bit unusual for an Austrian living in Germany.
    I have a soft spot for the rather playworn ones, i always have one of my favorites with me when travelling. So i shot my Corgi Jaguar 2,4 Litre (motorized) in Italy in the snow.
    Pity i can‘t find these pictures in my database, i didn‘t do too many. But yours encourage me to start it again 😀
    Tbilisi is an interesting place to live = on my want to visit list.
    Cheers, Michael

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