Playing with the Car Transporter

Yesterday, I picked up a Yatming Kenworth Car Transporter. I like using Car Transporters for displaying cars.

yellow cars on a transporter 2
Transporter with yellow cars

I like the combination of blue and yellow.

  • Generations have played the yellow car game, where the first person to spot a yellow car and shout ‘Yellow car’ may gently hit whoever they choose.
  • Yellow cars come in every shade from “viper yellow” to “lemon yellow”.
  • Yellow fell out of popularity in the eighties, partly because fashions change but also because of the high amount of lead in the paint.
red cars on a transporter 2
Transporter with red cars
green cars on a transporter
Transporter with green cars
blue cars on a transporter
Transporter with blue cars
Transporter with white cars
Transporter with white cars

Which colour combination do you prefer?

I can also load the transporter with classic Matchbox.

Transporter with classic Matchbox 2
Transporter with Matchbox cars

Matchbox would often have gift sets comprising a Car Transporter and a selection of cars.

Matchbox car transporter set
Matchbox Car Transporter Set from the sixties (Photo: Toymart)

Usually a transporter would be carrying just one make of cars.

Transporter with Chevrolets

I have some other car transporters.

Car transporters
My other car transporters; the Matchbox Guy Warrior is broken.
Car Transporters Yatming and Matchbox
Yatming Transporter with Hot Wheels cars, Matchbox Transporter with Matchbox cars

3 thoughts on “Playing with the Car Transporter”

  1. I like the Polistil transporter most. It holds as many cars as the Yatming but makes them easier to see. I am also disturbed that Yatming used two different blues to paint theirs and think the grey & blue of Polistil works better.

    The Matchbox is very nice but is the wrong scale for those cars. The yellow transporter is just the right size for a 60s race team but the truck is too new.

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    1. What I would really like is the Matchbox DAF Trasporter (K 11 produced 1969-1975 scale 1:66) which replaced the Guy Warrior Transporter (scale 1:73). It was the one I had in my childhood. I agree with you about the Yatming’s two different blues looking odd.


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