Monthly Acquisitions: November 2018

May and June were crazy months for collecting, and after a few rather restrained months, November sees the craziness return. This craziness is connected to the Secondhand Toy Store near the Station having had a lot of “new” stock. I posted about this : That Box Looks Interesting and Another Interesting Haul. Now as the month approaches the end I can reflect on all the models I have added to my ever growing collection.

Haul November
November haul: 47 models

Most of the models were in the 3 inch size (1:64) I prefer. There were a few larger models, like the Matchbox Super Kings Fire Tender (61⁄4” long and 1:55 scale) and a 1:38 Jaguar E Type. There were also some smaller models like the Cararama Peugeot 206.


Haul November Matchbox
Matchbox Acquistions (12)

The Super Kings Fire Tender was possibly the highlight, the model was introduced into the range in 1973 and produced until 1984. I am always happy to find Lesney Era (1953-1982) models, from this era I also found my first Vantastic and Plymouth Gran Fury. I also found models I already had like DeTomaso Pantera GTS, Cosmobile and Porsche 910. My interest in Matchbox doesn’t end with the end of the Lesney era…the Ford Cargo makes a suitable tractor cab for a trailer I found a while back.

Ford Cargo and Trailer

The VW Transporter is always welcome (although I’d be more excited with the regular wheels VW Camper (#34) from the late sixties). The Oshkosh HEMTT A4 is missing its container, but seems fitting transport for Battering Ram a militarised police vehicle, I bought a few emergency vehicles this month, also a Ford Police Interceptor in Fire Dept livery and a Dodge Monaco Police Car.


The large number of Siku models I found this month suggest the stock came from Germany originally. Siku is a German brand, Siku historically could be seen as the “German Matchbox”. I haven’t seen any new models in the toy shops here for a couple of years, they were more expensive than Hot Wheels and Matchbox.

Haul November Siku
Siku Acquisitions (7)

Separate rubber tyres add to the realism of the models, but on the Porsche Cayenne Turbo they are missing. The Mercedes GLK was obviously parked in a better, more secure neighbourhood and still retains its tyres. The hyrdraulic crane has a boom that extends and the operator’s cab turns on its base. The Porsche 959 and Polizei Helicopter are made in Germany, the other models in China. The BMW R1100 Motorcycle is in ADAC livery (ADAC = Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Clubthe German Automobile Club).

Siku, Made in Germany


If Siku can be considered the German Matchbox, Majorette can be seen as the French Matchbox.

Haul November Majorette
Majorette acquisitions (6)

The Fourgon  Ice Cream Van is actually made in France, the other models are more recent and made in Thailand. The Jaguar F Type and Lamborghini Aventador were bought new from XS Toys, the only outlet for new Majorettes in Tbilisi. I had been searching an F Type for quite a while, in the Racing Cars theme it retails here at 15.50 GEL ($5.82). The regular line of Street Cars retail at 7.95 GEL ($2.98) which is the same price as Hot Wheels or Matchbox here. I got a Black Friday 30% discount but it was still 10.90 GEL ($4.09). The Chevrolet Impala was a long running casting for Majorette (1986-2010) and appeared in several different liveries, here as a “Military Police” car. The Honda Prelude is missing its windscreen.

Hot Wheels

I have more Hot Wheels than any other brand, this month I picked up some more.

Haul November Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels acquisitions (8)

I picked up a three pack for the yellow Ford Escort RS 1600, my dad had a first generation Escort (an 1100L not an RS 1600), the shape has a lot of nostalgic associations for me (My Dad’s Cars). In the pack were also an Infiniti G37 and a ’15 Dodge Challenger.P1750414myp

I also bought the Porsche 934 Turbo RSR new, looking great with in green without unnecessary tampos. The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, by contrast, looks great in its elaborate decoration. Hot Wheels Ferraris are always worth picking up, Mattel no longer has a Ferrari licence, I was happy to find the 612 Scaglietti.

Other Brands

I found a variety of models from other manufacturers.

Haul November other
Other Brands (14)

The monthly haul included two Corgi Juniors Ford Gran Torino Fire Chief cars, the two models are different, the stickers are different, one has a chromed plastic base, the other a plain white base, and one has a diecast post for the roof siren, the other has lost its plastic siren in the car’s interior. There were a few Chinese made models, an Audi Quattro “Notarzt” (emergency doctor) by Welly, a Mercedes SLK also by Welly, a 1:38 scale Jaguar E Type Cabriolet, some smaller scale models (Porsche 356 (Schuco), Peugeot 206 (Cararama), Beer Truck and Audi TT (Joy City)) and a Lancia Stratos of unknown brand. There is a Tootsie Toys Pick up Truck made in USA and a Lada 2107 (инкотекс with many opening features made in Russia. A Bburago Ferrari 512, made in Italy and a detailed Atlas Magirus Deutz Mercur Fire Truck in 1:72 scale (Made in China).

There were many emergency vehicles.



Totals: 47 Models: 12 Matchbox, 8 Hot Wheels, 6 Majorette, 7 Siku, 2 Welly, 2 Corgi, 1 инкотекс, 1 TootsieToys, 1 Cararama, 1 Schuco, 1 Joy City, 1 Bburago, 1 Atlas and three Chinese models of unknown brand

6 bought new, 41 bought secondhand

Outlets: 40 Secondhand Toy Stores, 5 XS Toys, 1 Carrefour and  1 from Isaak in Vagzlis Basroba

Net expenditure: 164.80 lari ($61.84)

1 lari = 38 US cents



Another Interesting Haul

In the dictionary a haul is defined as “a quantity of things that are stolen, or a quantity of stolen or illegal  goods found by police or customs”. A haul can also be (esp of fish) the amount caught at a single time. On collectors’ forums on Facebook, we refer to hauls as the total quantity of models “caught” from a single visit to a flea-market, auction, Walmart etc…. This week I’ve had two decent hauls.

On Thursday, I visited the secondhand store and came away with 14 models (That Box Looks Interesting), today (Saturday), I revisited the store to see if I’d missed anything and came away with 16 models… including 5 by Siku, a brand I don’t usually find in such numbers.

Once brought home, the next job is finding out some details about each vehicle. Being secondhand they are not usually in their original packaging, so I have limited information about the actual vehicle (if it is unfamiliar) and have to search the internet for similar models. The main brands I collect have some information on the base but some Chinese made models will just have “China” on the base and nothing else. Matchbox, Majorette and Hot Wheels have useful wiki pages… eg Matchbox Cars Wiki

These I use frequently, although the information is not always correct; below the wiki entry for Battering Ram asserts the model I have is “Made in China” but the base of the actual model reveals it was actually “Made in Thailand”.

battering ram
My Battering Ram is not Made in China ( screenshot)

Sometimes if I have a mystery model, I can’t identify, I will post a picture of it on one of the many diecast forums on Facebook to see if another member recognises the model and has some information.

I haven’t been able to find much information about the Polizei Helicopter, made by Siku in Germany, that I picked up. I don’t generally collect aircraft but this was a nice looking model at just 5 lari ($1.89).


November 17 haul
November 17 Haul
  1. Magiruz-Deutsch Mercur Fire Truck (Atlas). 1:72 scale, a recent model made in China but it looks good.
  2. Mercedes 0303 Coach (Siku). #0806. One of five Siku models in the haul. “Foto Safari” deco.
  3. Porsche Cayenne Turbo (Siku). #1062. Missing the tyres. 1:55 Scale. Opening doors.
  4. Mercedes Benz 350 GLK (Siku).  #1441. Opening doors. 1:55 Scale.
  5. Porsche 356 (Schuco). 1:87 Scale.
  6. Ford Gran Torino “Fire Chief” (Corgi Juniors). I have found two of these this week but they are different this one has a metal post cast into the roof for the emergency light. The other has a hole in the roof where the light was but fell into the interior. One has a white plastic base and grille, the other has a chromed base and grille.
  7. Police Helicopter (Siku). This has opening rear doors. Made in Germany.
  8. Mitsubishi ASX (Majorette). Opening bonnet. A recent Majorette model, made in Thailand. 1:57 scale.
  9. BMW R1100 “ADAC” Motorcycle (Siku). #1324
  10. Oshkosh HEMTT A4 (Matchbox). From the Working Rigs series. This is a heavy-duty, four-axle roll-off truck, missing its container featuring a fold-down door.
  11. Porsche 910 (Matchbox). This is a Lesney era Matchbox model from the early seventies. I was very happy to find this, the car is missing a racing number (usually 68). Made in England. 1:55 scale.
  12. Fourgon Ice Cream Truck (Majorette). Made in France. 1:67 scale. A plastic awning comes out from the body, mine has part broken off.
  13. Chevrolet Impala “Military Police” (Majorette). There were many variations of this casting. The model has a metal base. 1:69 scale. Opening doors. Made in Thailand.
  14. Battering Ram (Matchbox). A militarised police vehicle. Made in Thailand. From the Dragon’s Lair 5 pack, released January 2007. Gun turret turns.
  15. Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (C2) Highway 35 World Race (Hot Wheels). This was from a series celebrating Hot Wheels 35th anniversary in 2003. Features co-moulded wheels. Made in Thailand. Designed by Larry Wood.
  16. De Tomaso Pantera (Matchbox). Introduced in 1975. 1:56 scale. Made in England by Lesney.
Ford Gran Torino (Corgi Juniors)



That Box Looks Interesting

secondhand toy store box 2
box of toy vehicles

The secondhand toy store, which I frequent near the Central Station, has some “new” stock, a box full of toy vehicles, I can’t resist. I can already see a Cosmobile (Matchbox) and a Ford Torino (Corgi Juniors). After 10 minutes, I’ve picked out a few that interest me.

secondhand toy store box box choices
some chosen pieces

They are not in mint condition, but they attract me for various reasons. After looking around the store I come away with 14 models for a grand total of 40 lari ($14.95). My biggest single day haul in a long while.


  1. Jaguar E Type Cabriolet (1:38 scale). This model is Made in China, I don’t recognise the brand markings on the base. I got it because it is an E-Type, one of the most beautiful cars in the world. The model has opening doors and is missing the back to the passenger seat.
  2. Hydraulic Crane (Siku). A recent model in very good condition. The crane boom lifts extends and rotates.
  3. Ferrari 512 (Bburago).This is an Italian made Bburago model in 1:43 scale. I also saw a Bburago Porsche Turbo, usually I would choose a Porsche over a Ferrari but the 512 has good memories. As a teen I visited a local car concessionnaire, which had on display a Ferrari 512BB, it must have been a slow day the salesman was happy to show us the car and lift the hood to reveal the incredible 12 cylinder boxer engine.
  4. Porsche 959 (Siku). This car has been painted by a previous owner. It is quite weighty and the base shows it was made in West Germany.
  5. Honda Prelude (Majorette). This model is missing a windscreen but it represents a Honda sports car I don’t have in my collection and it is Majorette, one of my favourite brands. This was made in Thailand.
  6. Audi Quattro “Notarzt” (Welly).  Notarzt=Emergency Doctor (in German). I love sports cars from the late 60s to early 80s. The new Hot Wheels Audi Sport Quattro is on my wants’ list. This model is made in China.
  7. Porsche 911 SC Targa (Hot Wheels). The windscreen looks like it has been shot. This is an ex-Corgi casting. Corgi – Hot Wheels
  8. 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (Hot Wheels). I’m wondering whether to keep this or give it to my friend Zura who has a real Mitsubishi Lancer.
  9. Ford Torino “Fire Dept” (Corgi Juniors). I would like some day to find this model in the Starsky and Hutch livery. The emergency light has been pushed into the body of the car.
  10. Fire Tender (Matchbox Super Kings). This was not in the box but had been put on one of the shelves in the store. This was the most expensive in the haul (10 lari). The ladder goes up and down and rotates but it is missing its extension ladder. This model was introduced in 1972 and made in England.
  11. Vantastic (Matchbox). A fantasy model from the mid seventies, the first model had an exposed engine. It would have originally had a sticker with the number 34 on the bonnet. Made in England by Lesney.
  12. VW Transporter (Matchbox). This is from the Matchbox International Era, made in Thailand, with “DINKY” stamped on the base.
  13. Cosmobile (Matchbox). A science fiction model, seeing this model got me really interested in what was in the rest of the box. Made in England by Lesney.
  14. Plymouth Gran Fury (Matchbox). The police tampo has rubbed off but it is in otherwise good condition, the base is metal. Made in England by Lesney.

A few missing parts and playworn exteriors. I was pleased to find four Matchbox models from the Lesney Era (pre-1983). An interesting box, indeed.


My Dad’s Cars

I bought a Hot Wheels three pack today for just one car, a Ford Escort. My dad had a Mark 1 Ford Escort back in the late sixties/ early seventies. SMO390G was the reg.

Hot Wheels Three Pack with a Ford Escort

When I was born my dad had a Ford Anglia Estate, this was replaced by the Ford Escort, it wasn’t an RS1600 Mexico like the Hot Wheels model but a base 1100 model, but the shape gives me that frisson of nostalgia. After the Escort there was a Moskvitch 427, briefly. Moskvitch was imported into the UK for a short time in the 1970s, before being withdrawn amidst safety concerns. We had our own safety concerns, whilst driving along as a family, my sister almost fell out of the rear door that had come open for no good reason, luckily she had a strong clamp like grip on the front seat, so didn’t fall out into the road. Now living in the former Soviet Union, I still occasionally see Moskvitches on the road and find Soviet made models of Moskvitches at Dry Bridge market in Tbilisi.

Moskvitch 427 Soviet Made
Moskvitch 427 (Made in USSR)

After the Moskvitch, there was a Ford Zephyr, which we kids liked because it was big and comfortable, but was difficult to fit into the garage and probably thirsty, too.

Ford Zodiac mk iv x 2
Ford Zodiac Mk IV (Matchbox), similarly shaped to the Zephyr

Then there was another Ford Escort but this time an estate. There followed an Opel Kadett estate (my first car incidentally was an Opel). My brother got a job selling Peugeots, so my father duly went through a succession of Peugeots, first a 305, then a 309 and finally a 306.

Peugeot 309
Peugeot 309 (Vanguards)

His final car was a surprise; a Mitsubishi Lancer Estate, his first and only Japanese car. I don’t have pictures of the actual cars, just the memories and the strongest are with the Ford Escort. I will usually get a Ford Escort if I see it, particularly the Mark 1s. Matchbox didn’t make a Mark 1, but Dinky and Corgi Juniors did at the time and recently Hot Wheels have put out a Mark 1 RS1600 Mexico, after it featured in Fast And Furious.

Fast and Furious 6 Escort
Fast and Furious 6, Ford Escort Mexico RS1600

My dad died in 2011, I miss him. My diecast car collecting increased dramatically from 2011, it may be related and I reflect on my psychology in another post (Reflections on Why I collect diecast cars?)

mum and dad 2008
Mum and Dad in 2008

The Cararama model of the Escort Mark 1 is closest to my memories, although my dad’s car wasn’t silver, more a duck egg blue.

Ford Escort Mark 1
Ford Escort Mk 1 (Cararama)

My dad dreamed of having a Jaguar Mark X, one Christmas, my mum bought him a model of one by Corgi, a story which became part of our family legend. I don’t know what happened to the model. He never realised this dream.

Jaguar Mk X Husky Outside
Jaguar Mk X (Husky)




100 000 hits!

100 00 hits! Not this blog, which has around 6 500 hits, but my original diecast blog My first diecast blog

100 000 hits on blog

Why do I have two blogs? Because frustratingly I can’t edit the original blog, I am not too tech savvy and I have a free WordPress account. I can no longer access the original as a creator, I can just view it like anyone else. I’m glad the original blog has had so  many views but wish I could continue to edit it.

Life’s a Beach

Meyers manx famagusta
Meyers Manx (Hot Wheels) on the beach at Famagusta, Cyprus

Heading out to Cyprus last week for a welcome break, I included in my hand luggage a couple of Hot Wheels models: the Meyers Manx and the Custom ’62 Chevy Pick Up with surfboard, both seemed ideal for taking to the beach. As a child in the early seventies on beach holidays around UK, I would take one or two Matchbox vehicles to play in the sand, usually diggers and dump trucks to “help” build sandcastles. Now past 50 years old, I’m playing less and photographing more.

Custom 62 Chevy larnaca
Custom ’62 Chevy in Larnaca, Cyprus

I took the photo of the Chevy at the salt lake in Larnaca, the dried salt almost looks like surf.

Matchbox made three beach buggies in the seventies, all three were fantasy models: #30 Beach Buggy (released 1970, withdrawn 1977) in a metallic deep pink with random yellow splatter, #13 Baja Buggy (released 1970, withdrawn 1977) with an unrealistic high mounted exposed V8 engine and #47 Beach Hopper, a Rola-Matic model (released 1974, withdrawn 1979). The driver figure is flicked up by a spur on the inside of the driver’s side front wheel as the car rolls along. This is the only one I have now, a previous owner gave the car it’s current paint job.

Beach Hopper, Jeep and Tractor
Beach Hopper (front)

Usually, I prefer Matchbox to Hot Wheels but with the beach buggies, I like the classic iconic look of the Meyers Manx, a car first produced in the year of my birth (1964). A fibreglass body was attached to a shortened VW chassis.

Meyers manx x 3 with tree (2)
Meyers Manx x 3 (Hot Wheels)

The Hot Wheels Meyers Manx  was introduced in 2003, perfect for taking to the beach whether you are five or fifty-five!

Monthly Acquisitions: October 2018

October’s collecting was more restrained than September 2018.

Monthly acquisitions Oct 2018
Monthly Acquisitions October 2018

I began the month with a couple of secondhand Majorette models, I found for 2 lari a piece in the secondhand toy store. A Peugeot 206 and a Toyota Lite Ace, both were missing parts, the Peugeot was missing an engine and front lights, the Toyota was missing its rear hatch. Both are made in Thailand, the Lite Ace is from 1990 and has a metal base. I have an older Lite Ace model in better condition which was made in France.

Majorette Toyota Lite Ace and Peugeot 306
Peugeot 206 and Toyota Lite Ace

Last month 22 of the 23 models I got were bought secondhand, this month just four. In addition to the Majorette pair I also picked up a 1968 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 (Matchbox) and a Mitsubishi Evolution (Hot Wheels). These again were 2 lari a piece. The Mitsubishi wasn’t in my collection long; I gave it to my friend Zura, who has a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo in real life.

Mitsubishi Evolution and Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40
Mitsubishi Evolution and Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

I did buy more new Hot Wheels models than last month, from the list of those I was searching for (I found and bought 3 and saw a further two, the only ones I haven’t found are the 95 Mazda RX7Nissan Skyline R30 and Audi RS6 Avant).

These were the Hot Wheels 2018 models I was looking for:

  1. Nissan Fairlady Z (seen)
  2. Timeshifter (seen)
  3. Lamborghini Countach Pace Car in white (I have the red one)
  4. ’95 Mazda RX7
  5. Ford Escort RS 1600 (Hot Wheels Race Team colours)
  6. Porsche 917 LH
  7. Nissan Skyline R30
  8. Audi RS6 Avant

I was very excited to find a Hot Wheels Ford Escort RS1600 with the 50th anniversary decorations. As is often the case, once I’d found one I found some more, the model was so desirable I got two, I could have bought more but that would be excessive. I also found the Lamborghini Countach pace car in white. I was on holiday at the end of the month in Cyprus and managed to find a Porsche 917LH, that I hadn’t seen in Tbilisi and an ’85 Honda CR-X from Hot Wheels Honda Series, a series not available here, (I was slightly disappointed not to find the Honda Civic EF in that same series). Finally, on returning to Tbilisi, I saw Pepela had a 30% sale and picked up a Nissan Fairlady 2000 in black. This is a gorgeous casting of a classic sixties sports car, which I already have in cream and blue, I passed over Timeshifter, so I guess I don’t want it so much.

Hot Wheels oct 2018
Hot Wheels bought new this month


Totals: 10 Models: 7 Hot Wheels, 1 Matchbox and 2 Majorette

6 bought new, 4 bought secondhand

Outlets: 3 Secondhand Toy Stores, 2 Ambizas Gift and Toy Shop (Larnaca, Cyprus), 1 Clothing Market, 1 Carrefour and  3 Pepela

Net expenditure: 47.72 lari ($17.71)

1 lari = 37 US cents







Film and TV Tie-ins (Hot Wheels)

Hot Wheels have put out a number of TV related vehicles recently, including several different Batmobiles. Many of these models produce that frisson of nostalgia for old TV shows like Scooby Doo, Batman or Knight Rider.

Hot Wheels Film and TV Tie-ins

I have bought a few models which for me are full of childhood nostalgia: Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine, I used to love watching that cartoon, Herbie from The Love Bug (1968), one of the first films I ever saw at the cinema and a great influence on my interest in cars and strangely Star Trek’s USS Enterprise, which seems an unusual choice for a Hot Wheels having no wheels and being far from the rough 1:64 scale of the rest of the range.

Herbie “53” and Mystery Machine

Corgi Toys‘ most successful period was between 1965 and 1968, when over 60 million toys were sold, this coincided with the introduction into the range of film and TV related vehicles. Two of them the Batmobile and James Bond’s Aston Martin were the best selling Corgi cars ever. I love Corgis but apart form a Batmobile and Gene Hunt’s Audi Quattro from “Ashes to Ashes” I don’t have any of their film/TV related models.




Monthly Acquisitions September 2018

I posted earlier in the month about some of my acquisitions (so far this month…).

haul to 20 September

I have since added another 7 models.

Seven more models.

The Lotus Esprit S1 is the only one purchased new. I have a list of 2018 Hot Wheels, I would be interested in, but I either haven’t seen them on the pegs or I’m waiting for a -30% sale to buy them.

Hot Wheels 2018 models I’m looking for:

  1. Nissan Fairlady Z (seen)
  2. Timeshifter (seen)
  3. Lamborghini Countach Pace Car in white (I have the red one)
  4. ’95 Mazda RX7
  5. Ford Escort RS 1600 (Hot Wheels Race Team colours)
  6. Porsche 917 LH
  7. Nissan Skyline R30
  8. Audi RS6 Avant

I would list the Matchbox I want, too, but the only new Matchbox models I’ve seen here are from the Jurassic World series. On the pegs, when I can find Matchbox models, there are still 2015 models (and not the interesting ones!). I did find some interesting Matchbox models secondhand. The Ghe-O Predator, a 2017 model is more recent than the new models in the shops, bizarrely.

Monthly acquisitions september 2018 Matchbox
11 Matchbox models
      1. Model A Van “Matchbox Series” – I like models with diecast brand names displayed. I swapped a DeAgostini fire truck for this at Dry Bridge Market.
      2. Ghe-O Predator – this looks like a fantasy model but is based on a real car, Ghe-O is a Romanian manufacturer of extreme off-road vehicles.

        Ghe-O Predator
      3. Ford Crown Victoria “Police”
      4. Meter Made “NYPD” – the second variant, I have of this casting.
      5. Chevy Avalanche – the second variant, I have of this casting, too.
      6. Crop Master – a tractor
      7. Chevy Van “Jake and the Never Land Pirates”
      8. VW Type 181
      9. Lotus Europa Special
      10. Mercedes 500SL
      11. Ferrari 512BB Matchbox Specials series



I also added 9 Hot Wheels models to my collection.

Monthly acquisitions september 2018 HW
9 Hot Wheels
  1. Ford Taurus “Bill Elliott”, I don’t follow NASCAR but I like the deco of the cars.
  2. Bone Shaker, an iconic Hot Wheels fantasy model
  3. Lancia Stratos, one of my favourite castings
  4. Mazda Furai, my second variant of this casting
  5. Ferrari F50
  6. ’71 Datsun 510 Wagon
  7. Morris Mini “George Harrison” – part of the Beatles series
  8. Ambulance with opening rear doors
  9. Lotus Esprit S1 the only model bought new this month

Matchbox and Hot Wheels continue to dominate my purchases. I only bought three models from other brands.

Monthly acquisitions september 2018 other
Big Bird’s Car, ’34 Ford Model A “Dunlop” Truck and Maserati Merak
  1. Big Bird’s Car – from the early eighties, featuring a popular character from The Muppets (Hasbro)
  2.  ’34 Ford Model A “Dunlop” Truck – from Days Gone (more about the brand: (Lledo/Days Gone)
  3. Maserati Merak – this is a cheap Chinese model in a rather playworn condition, but I love the styling of the Maserati.

Many of this month’s acquisitions have been variants or duplicates of various casting I already had.

Monthly acquisitions sept 2018 doubles
doubling up

I wonder if I really need two Meter Mades in the same colour.

Meter made x 2
Meter Made

The month also saw me selling a few models at Dry Bridge Market.


Totals: 23 Models: 9 Hot Wheels, 11 Matchbox, 1 Days Gone, 1 Hasbro and 1 unidentified Chinese brand

1 bought new, 22 bought secondhand

Outlets: 14 Secondhand Toy Stores, 1 XS Toys, 5 Clothing Market and 3 Dry Bridge Market

Net expenditure: 62.65 lari ($25.16)

1 lari = 40 US cents

so far this month…

this month’s haul so far

My collection continues to grow, I will most probably review the month in 10 days when it finishes. Most of these were bought secondhand only the Lotus Esprit S1 on the card was bought new (from XS Toys at 30% discount). The Lotus was on my wants’ list even though I already have the same casting in red, yellow and white. The black and gold pin-striping reminds me of the Lotus F1 car of the early seventies, the famous John Player Special (I didn’t realise at the time it was a cigarette advertisement!).

Lotus Esprit x 5
Hot Wheels Lotus Esprits (the loose black model is a different casting)

A few models have left my collection, I gave a Land Rover Discovery (Matchbox) to the son of a Facebook friend, who I met for the first time. I also briefly visited Dry Bridge Market, Tbilisi’s big fleamarket, to sell rather than to buy, I sold just three models and swapped a fourth model; a GAZ 69 Fire Truck (DeAgostini) for a Matchbox Model A Van.

some of my collection for sale at Dry Bridge Market the cars marked with a green S were sold

Like with the Esprit maybe half the models I bought this month, doubled up on castings I already had. I wonder if I really need two Meter Mades

Meter made x 2
Matchbox Meter Made

The most expensive model so far has been the Days Gone 1934 Ford A Dunlop Tyre Truck, which cost me 20 lari from Dry Bridge Market. I featured it in my last post about Lledo/Days Gone, it is also the only model this month that was “Made in England”.

Lledo Days Gone 1934 Model A Ford Truck Dunlop Tyres 2
1934 Ford Model A “Dunlop Tyres” truck

I’ll write more at the end of the month.