My Hobby is collecting Diecast Model Cars

Here are the model cars I’ve picked up this month (August 2017).

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Bburago 1:32 Classic

The Bburago 1:32 Classic range comprises just ten models each in a choice of two colours*. All of them are very attractive  models and very tempting, I have so far succumbed on six occasions (over half the range). Six years ago in Paris I picked up the Citroen DS and Ford Capri 2600, both of which I have since seen here in Tbilisi. More recently I have added a Porsche 911, BMW 507, BMW 2002 and a Mercedes 450SL convertible.

Bburago 1:32 models

The other cars in the range are: Alfa Romeo Spider,  Citroen 2CV, VW Golf Mark 1 GTi, and a Mini Cooper. All very tempting. The “classic” range are significantly more expensive than the standard 1:32 range, they each come with a plastic plinth the standard range come with a cardboard plinth. All the cars have opening doors.

Bburago 132

The models boast Italian Design but are “Made in China”

Italian design
Italian Design

Bburago Classic 1 32

*The Citroen 2CV only has one colour option.


I first encountered Majorette when I visited Paris at the tender age of 9, way back in 1974. They were similar in size to Matchbox but Made in France not Made in England. The first model cars appearing  on the market under the Majorette name came out in 1964.

Majorette 25
25 Majorette Models

Today Matchbox and Majorette are both Made in Thailand. Of my Majorette vehicles maybe ten are Made in France, the others are either Made in Thailand or Made in China. Manufacturing moved to Thailand in 1987.

Majorette bases
“Made in France” and the Scale (ECH:    ) marked on the bases

I don’t remember seeing Majorette in UK in my childhood. From Paris I brought back a couple of models, if I remember correctly a Chrysler 180 and a BMW 3.0CSL (I no longer have the models from my childhood).

Here in Tbilisi, the distribution is variable, XS Toys have just put up some display units  for Majorette, which they seem to be promoting at the expense of Hot Wheels.

XS Toys
Majorette Display in XS Toys (Saburtalo Mall)

Prices vary according to the range from 6.95 lari ($2.81) for unbranded “Fiction Racers” to 12.50 lari ($5.05) for “Limited Edition” and “Premium” ranges.  When I last looked they had a lot of Fiction Racers but not many models in the Limited Edition and Premium ranges. Other ranges are called : Street Cars, SOS (Emergency Vehicles), City, Lamborghini, Vision Gran Turismo and Farm ranges and some aircraft.

Some of the models especially in the Premium range have opening parts like this Camaro.

Chevy Camaro Majorette
Chevy Camaro with opening doors

The full current range can be seen at their website… Majorette.com

I’m looking out for the Jaguar F-Type, a model which currently eludes me in Matchbox and Majorette.

Jaguar F Type Majorette
Jaguar F Type

Majorette recently returned to the American market after a long absence, but I don’t know how they will fare given the difficulties of Toys R’Us, the chain selling them. Majorette are returning to the US Market

The packaging can be blister packs or boxes.

Majorette Renault Alpine a 110-50
Renault Alpine A110-50 in a blister pack

The brand philosophy (from the Website)

Majorette combines tradition with innovation.

As one of the best known French manufacturers of model vehicles, Majorette knows how to appeal to car enthusiasts. What spurs us on is a desire to design increasingly better and more realistic vehicles for young and old that give pleasure to the whole family. The particularly well-processed materials mean that our products are guaranteed a long life.

Majorette x 6
A selection of Majorette models

Weekly Photo Challenge : Scale

This week’s photo challenge is : “Scale”. Collecting scale models there are plenty of images I could post under the theme. Here are some contrasting scales. The larger cars are in 1:24 scale (the largest in my collection). The small Porsches next to the ‘70 Corvette are from Kinder Eggs and are around 1:87 scale. The red Alfa Romeo 8C in the second picture is 1:64 my preferred scale for collecting

For other interpretations of the theme: Scale


A Fishing Trip

Fishing had been a bit thin at my usual stores, so I decided to cast my nets further afield and visit Saburtalo Mall.

Saburtalo Mall has five locations for finding diecast models: Super Toys, Goodwill, XS Toys, Pepela and Biblus.

I started with Super Toys on the opposite side of the road from the Mall. They had some Matchbox but mostly unlicensed and nothing new. The Hot Wheels selection had three variants of the Cool One, which despite the name is a real peg warmer. I would have taken a photo but the security guard was eyeing me suspiciously.

Second came Goodwill which despite the name in Tbilisi it is an upmarket store. It didn’t have much to excite me in its diecast selection, just some Maisto and Bburago models

Goodwill Pegs

After Goodwill it was time to visit XS Toys. XS Toys have a new display for Majorette, so I was excited. There were lots of helicopters, fiction racers, a few Limited Edition models but the only model from the Premium range was the Mercedes G63, this is a nice model but I was hoping to find the Jaguar F Type.


Mercedes G63
Mercedes G63


XS Toys
Majorette Display

Still no bites. Onto Pepela which means “butterfly”. They had two cool Matchbox 5 packs but I already had those. There was a part opened box of Hot Wheels on the floor, a 2017 E Case (Georgia is a long way behind other countries, which are getting their first 2018 cases now). I wanted to ask if I could look in the box but shyness overcame me, also the shop assistant was having a seemingly unending chat on her phone

Pepela and the part opened Hot Wheels case

On the pegs I noticed an Aston Martin DB10 with some flashing on the wheel rim, an unfortunate factory error, which impedes the running of the wheel.

Aston DB10
Aston Martin DB10, look at the rear wheel

I came away empty handed, lastly I tried Biblus, a book store that has a cabinet of Chinese made diecasts by manufacturers like Welly and Kinsmart.

Biblus cabinet

The Maserati Gran Turismo and Lamborghini Miuras are very nice but I know I can find them cheaper elsewhere (like in Vagzlis Basroba), so I left them.

Not all fishing trips end with a successful catch. I did pick up some Rooibos Tea and my lunch (savoury rice) from Goodwill, so the journey wasn’t entirely wasted.

rice and rooibos



Brand Comparison: Renault Alpine A110-50: Majorette v Bburago

Majorette and Bburago are two renowned European diecast brands, Majorette originated from France and Bburago from Italy. Now they are manufactured in the Far East: Majorette in Thailand and Bburago in China. The Bburago model boasts “Italian Design” on the packaging.

Renault Alpine A110-50
Renault Alpine A110-50

The Renault Alpine A110-50 is a concept car designed by Yann Jarsalle in 2012. The Bburago model is in the classic Alpine racing colours with a large rear spoiler, the Majorette model has more the look of a street legal version being in the “Street Cars” line.

Renault Alpine A110-50 3
Renault Alpine A110-50 (side profile)

Both models have diecast bodies and plastic bases, it is interesting to see both models also have diecast side view mirrors, a rare detail at this scale. The wheels of the Majorette model look far better to me, the Bburago model’s wheels look a little cheap. The Bburago model is in the 1:64 range, the Majorette model marks its scale as 1:63 on the base. If anything the Bburago model is slightly bigger and feels slightly heavier but they are very close in size.

Renault Alpine A110-50 2
Renault Alpine A110-50

The prices were similar, I bought the Bburago around 3 years ago for 5.90 lari, I bought the Majorette model yesterday (8 October 2017) for 6.40 lari ($2.59). A racing car version of the Majorette model is available at a higher price band (11.90 lari). Both cars have good detail at this size, overall I slightly prefer the Majorette model as I feel its better wheels make it look more realistic.

You can check out other brand comparisons on my previous diecast blog: brand comparisons

London Buses

London buses
London Buses

The red double-decker buses in London have become a symbol of the city. The majority of buses in London are double-deckers. A particularly iconic example was the AEC Routemaster bus, which had been a staple of the public transport network in London for nearly half a century following its introduction in 1956. I lived in London from 1988 to 1991 and would regularly take a #15 Bus from home to work and back. Now these vintage buses can be caught on the 15H (heritage route). On other routes they have been replaced by modern buses which can accommodate disabled passengers more easily.

london bus nino
This is my friend Nino riding in the top of a London Double-Decker bus

Yesterday, I picked up a fourth London bus for my diecast collection, a model made in China, the metal body is cast in two pieces, the top now becoming a little loose from the bottom.

London Bus made in China
Routemaster Bus, Made in China

The model is secondhand and has no numbers or advertisements, maybe it did when new. I found another, bigger Chinese made model last month.

London Buses made in China
Model London Buses, made in China

I know there are many bus collectors in the hobby, I am not one of them. I picked up the buses because of a nostalgia for London. The shape of the Chinese made buses is good, the bodies are metal (the bases are plastic), however, the superfast style wheels are not so welcome.

My favourite bus is the Corgi AEC Routemaster Bus (#468), this model is from the late sixties and the model includes a driver and conductor.

Matchbox put out a series of Routemaster Buses in the Best of British range, there is a Lamley video showing the variety. Lamley Saturday Showcase: Matchbox Routemaster Double Decker Bus I haven’t found one of those models yet. The only Matchbox London Bus I have is a modern “Two-Story Bus“, it is unlicensed and the body is plastic (the base is metal), I’d prefer a metal model of the iconic Routemaster.

Matchbox two story bus
Matchbox Two Story Bus

Not all London Double Deckers are red.

london bus black
London “Necrobus”


Monthly Acquistions September 2017

This was an unusual month for collecting as we moved from one part of Tbilisi to another and the collection thus moved, too. I also sold more than I bought like in August.

1st September Haul

I looked at my findings on the 1st September in an earlier post A Day’s Spoils 

After the first day, I would add another 21 models throughout the month.

Monthly haul minus Pontiac Fiero, Kenworth Transporter and Matchbox “Flash Force 2000” Corvette

My birthday saw the addition of the Porsche 911 and ’57 Corvette.

Older models this month included a Corgi BMC Mini Cooper S, French Dinky Jeep, Matchbox Mercedes 350SL, Husky Ford Transit Caravan and a Hot Wheels Mercedes C 111, all these models were playworn and most were missing parts. The Transit and Mercedes were found in the secondhand toy store, the others came from Dry Bridge Market.

Older models

The most expensive model was the DeAgostini DAF 33 “Politie” for which I paid 25 lari.

DAF 33 (Netherlands)

I sold 53 cars at Dry Bridge Market and gave away another two (Drybridge Market (Selling)) I also gave my grandson, Lazare, a few models when we moved.

lazare road tester
Lazare comparing VWs

Bizarrely, I also bought two submarines, a Matchbox Deep Sea Diver and a Hot Wheels Beatles’ Yellow Submarine.


So we sailed up to the sun
Till we found the sea of green
And we lived beneath the waves
In our yellow submarine.


Totals: 26 Models: 4 Matchbox, 9 Hot Wheels , 1 Majorette, 1 Bburago, 1 Yatming. 1 Husky, 1 DeAgostini, 1 Mattel Disney, 1 Kinsmart, 1 Tonka, 1 Corgi, 1 French Dinky and 3 unbranded Made in China

5 bought new, 18 bought secondhand, 2 gifts, 1 swap

Outlets: 12 Secondhand toy store, 3 Clothing Market, 3 Pepela, 1 Varketili Market, 1 Isaak at Vagzlis Market, 1 Super and 3 Drybridge Market

Net expenditure: 84.76 lari

Dinky Toys

“Dinky” like “Matchbox” is often used as a generic term for all diecast cars. I didn’t have many Dinky toys as a child, they were more expensive than Matchbox and less interesting than Corgi.

Dinky catalogue cover

I have three quite vivid early childhood memories involving Dinky Cars.

  1. I remember stealing a Dinky Lotus Europa from a furniture store that had a toy department, when I was about ten. I’m not proud of the memory, like many kids I went through a brief shoplifting phase. I’m not sure if it was the thrill of doing something wrong or the desire for the particular model but not having the money which drove me to crime at the time.
  2. My brother in a fit of rage threw a Dinky Ford Capri at me. It missed but went on to break a window.
  3. On my first day at school (September 1969) I remember playing with a Dinky Maximum Security Vehicle from the Captain Scarlet TV Programme. That is all I remember of my frist day at school. Corgi had most of the good film and TV tie-ins (James Bond, Batman etc….). Dinky just had the Gerry Anderson TV programmes like Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and Joe 90.

Today, I have only four Dinky Toys in my collection, the first, a purple Cadillac Eldorado, dating from the early seventies, which I bought from an antique shop in Worcester for £10.

Cadillac Eldorado Dinky 008
Dinky Cadillac Eldorado

I didn’t have this model as a child it was too expensive. I remember seeing it in Hamley’s (a massive toy shop in London) one Christmas (1970, possibly, because it was something like 20 shillings in old money). I came out with a cheaper Dinky Car (Can’t remember if it were the Jensen FF or the Mercury Cougar…I’d love either of those cars now).

Cars don’t have massive bonnets (US: hoods) like that these days. In my 1968 Ladybird Book of Motor Cars, the Cadillac is the last car with the biggest engine, a whopping 8194cc…at the time my dad’s Ford Escort had just 1098cc.

Dinky Toys were made in Liverpool from 1931 until 1979 (Dinky were also made in Bobigny, France until 1970). The fifties were the boom years and the seventies marked a gradual decline as they could not compete with other cheaper manufacturers (like Corgi and Mattel Hot Wheels) and from increasingly sophisticated toys and a growing interest in computer games.

Dinky produced over 1000 models and are much sought after today by collectors. There are a few that would interest me:

  1. Mercury Cougar
  2. Jensen FF
  3. Opel Commodore
  4. Jaguar E-Type
  5. De Tomaso Mangusta 5000
  6. Range Rover (especially in the Fire Chief Livery)
  7. Captain Scarlet Spectrum Patrol car
  8. Lotus Cortina
  9. NSU Ro 80
  10. VW Porsche 914

These were all in the range in the early seventies, I’d be happy to find them but I won’t pay silly money for them.

Dinky Catalogue 1972
1972 Dinky Catalogue…I’d love to find some of these

Dinky Toys are the granddad of British Diecasts, introduced way back in 1931 as “Modelled Miniatures”. I only have four in my collection,  I found a model of a Triumph Herald (#189) at Drybridge Market. This model was produced from 1960 to 1964, so is one of the very few models in my collection older than me.

Triumph Herald in badlands
Triumph Herald

The Triumph has two tone paint and spun wheels (recent innovations at the time of manufacture) but it doesn’t have an interior or any opening parts. The first enclosed Dinky model with an interior was the Kennebrake Standard Atlas Van (released in May 1960). The MGB model of October 1962, was the first Dinky to feature opening doors. Later models had many opening parts, my Dinky Cadillac Eldorado which was introduced in 1969 has opening doors, tipping seats, opening bonnet (hood) and opening boot (trunk).

I also found a Dinky Austin Champ at Drybridge Market, the asking price a mere 10 lari (£2.76). This model was produced from 1958 to 1970. It has holes in the seats where soldiers were attached. I’m not usually interested in military models, but this has no guns, I thought it was a Jeep at first. My final Dinky model is a Jeep De Depannage (# 1412), found again at Drybridge Market, in a rough state, I swapped a Norev Ligier for it. The Jeep was made in France. Dinky has a long history of manufacturing in France, as well as England, dating back to before the second world war.


This is how the Jeep De Depannage looks in mint condition.

Jeep de depannage
Jeep  De Depannage

I will be looking to find a steering wheel from another model but I don’t have the skills to make a full restoration. Atlas Editions have recently made a reproduction of this and other Dinky models.

Drybridge Market (Selling)

I’m an alien, I’m a legal alien
I’m an Englishman in New York Tbilisi.

I have for a long time been a customer at Drybridge Market, a fleamarket in Tbilisi, the best place for finding older model cars in Tbilisi. Today, Drybridge Market is a mecca for tourists but it hasn’t always been like this; in the wilderness years that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union, Drybridge Market was used by those who wanted to leave Georgia and were desperate to convert their goods into quick cash before leaving the country. Everything is laid out on the ground, often carefully arranged on sheets of material, other times it is a haphazard collection. You never know what you will find here. One person might be trying to sell you twenty-year-old phone or an old toothbrush, while their neighbour will be touting ceramic cosmonauts and silver jewellery.

Karo’s stall

We have recently moved to Saburtalo from Varketili and the new flat is smaller and my model car collection is far too big to display so, I decided to have a go at selling some of the excess in my collection at the market.

These were the models I selected.

I took along over 50 models. I thought I’d keep it simple, the majority were priced at 3 lari a piece (about $1.20), a few at 5 lari and the Beatles Yellow Submarine at 20 lari (I’ve seen this model selling for 25 lari in Hobby Master in Pekini Street). Many of the models cost me more originally, this wasn’t intended as an exercise to profit from my collection. I wanted to experience the other side of the market transaction. I was also interested to see if there were other collectors, having a hobby is more interesting when you know like-minded individuals. I know many other collectors from Internet forums but not locally.


My spot by the road in front of a Zhiguli (Lada)

I arrived late in the day (2pm…the market begins at 10am) as I didn’t want to put myself in anyone’s place, I didn’t wish  to create a potential conflict by setting up inadvertently in a regular’s space. As I was setting up, before I’d even got all the cars out of my bag another trader bought up eight of my larger scale cars (all made in China) for a bargain 20 lari (in the markets and shops they retail at between 6 and 12 lari a piece).

P1640098 My Georgian language skills are limited (see my other blog : The Reluctant Georgian Learner) but I know the numbers, my Russian is non-existent so I used fingers with Russian speakers to communicate price. Unlike many traders I advertised my prices, other traders will not show their prices and often quote one price to Georgian speakers, another to Russian speakers and a higher price in English to those who speak neither Russian nor Georgian.

1 car = 3 lari, 1 car in the packaging is 5 lari and the Yellow Submarine is 20 lari

All my customers haggled, some I accepted, some I refused. As a customer I have noticed some traders won’t haggle. I found disappointingly most of my customers were other traders, like Gocha who was selling ceramics and bric-a-brac on an adjacent stall. I was hoping to find some collectors to make future trades with. I did swap a Norev Ligier for a French Dinky Jeep but that was the only trade of a car for a car.

Gocha trying to sell a vase, which matches the lady’s dress.
Gocha shows off the Soviet made Lada he bought from me for a bargain 5 lari, while another trader eyes me with suspicion.

I made up a few display signs as the afternoon wore on, I don’t think they helped. Finally around 5.30 pm, Gocha asked me how much I wanted for all the remaining cars (36 in total), I suggested a very generous 30 lari, he offered 20, I somewhat reluctantly agreed but retained two rather playworn Matchbox models from the 1970s and the Yellow Submarine.

Gocha got all these minus the models ringed and the Ligier in the lower right hand corner for just 20 lari (about $8)

My pack was a lot lighter leaving. I did pick up a couple of models myself, a Corgi BMC Mini Cooper S from another Gocha, a Hot Wheels Mercedes C 111 from a guy who sells football programmes, a French Dinky Jeep Depannage Breakdown which I swapped with a Norev Ligier JS1 and a wooden rhino (given to me by a trader to whom I’d given a Matchbox Mercedes).

My Haul

I didn’t make a fortune,  that was not the object of the exercise. The buyers got some real bargains. When asked if I would return, I said I would next Monday, weather permitting. I still have far too many model cars (around 800) but like many collectors they have a personal value to me that I can’t quantify and I’m reluctant to part with them. I tried to examine the psychology behind this in a previous post Reflections on Why I collect diecast cars?

Tbilisi seems to have few people into collecting model cars, here they are seen as just a playthings for children, nothing more.

The models I took but didn’t sell (the yellow Corvette didn’t even come out of the bag)


I made a video clip on my phone of Drybridge Market back in August (it is not the slickest of videos): Drybridge Market (YouTube)


Police Cars of the World

Police Cars of the World

DeAgostini has put out a series of 1:43 models of police cars from around the world with accompanying magazines, unfortunately for me the magazine is in Russian (I don’t speak Russian), but they have some cool pictures. The series had 80 models and 4 special editions, they were on sale from 2013 to 2016. I am not looking to collect them all.

The models look good but they are quite fragile, the Mercedes was broken when I got it, small pieces like number plates, bumpers, aerials and wing mirrors easily snap off.

Mercedes-Benz W114 Qatar Police

One of my favourites is a Jaguar MkII Police Car, as a small child when our car broke down we were taken home in a police Jaguar.

Alpine A310 and Jaguar Mk II

Here is a link to an advertisement (in Russian) for the series: Police Cars of the World

Two Soviet Police cars: a Moskvitch and a GAZ Volga 21 (these are from a different series)

The full list of models in the series:

#1 Ford Fairlane Police Detroit USA
#2 Fiat 238 Italian Police
#3 Jaguar MK II UK Police 1959 
#4 Subaru Impreza Police France
#5 Nissan Fairlady Z Datsun 240 Z Japanese Police 
#6 Opel Kapitan German Police
#7 Ford Crown Victoria NYPD USA
#8 GAZ-21 Volga Police USSR
#9 Land Rover Defender 109 LWB Police Hong Kong
#10 Holden FE Police Australia
#11 Alpine Renault A310 French Gendarmerie
#12 Honda NSX Japanese Police
#13 Hindustan Ambassador Police India
#14 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Italian Police
#15 Dodge Dart Spanish Police
#16 Chrysler De Soto Police Canada
#17 VW Transporter T2 Police Netherlands
#18 Toyota Land Cruiser Police Greece
#19 Ford Consul II Police England
#20 Lamborghini Gallardo Police Italy
#21 Plymouth Savoy Traffic Police Oklahoma USA
#22 Mercedes 450 SEL W116 Police USSR
#23 Trabant People’s Police GDR
#24 Warszawa 223 Poland People’s Militia
#25 Chevrolet Bel Air Police of the city of Norwich USA
#26 Ford Transit MK1 City Police UK
#27 Citroen DS21 Police France
#28 Audi Q7 Police Luxembourg
#29 VAZ-2107 Lada Militsiya Ukraine
#30 Chevrolet Camaro SS Police Texas USA
#31 Ford Cortina Israel Police
#32 Buick Special Police California USA
#33 Suzuki Samurai Police Malaysia
#34 GAZ-22 Volga Police Hungary
#35 Checker Marathon Police Exeter USA
#36 Ford Crown Victoria Police Mexico
#37 GAZ-21 Volga Bulgaria People’s Militia
#38 Audi A6 Avant Police Sweden
#39 Jeep Wagoneer Police Pennsylvania USA
#40 Fiat Punto SX Gendarmerie of San Marino
#41 Ford Transit CRS National Police of France
#42 Chrysler Airflow CRS 1936 Police San Francisco USA
#43 Alfa Romeo 159 National Guard of Spain
#44 RAF-22038 Latvia Latvian Police
#45 Smart City Coupe Police Austria
#46 Ford Galaxie 500 1965 City Police Westwood USA
#47 Peugeot 404 British Police South Africa
#47 SAAB 9-5 Police Moscow Russia
#49 Alfa Romeo 156 Police Belgium
#50 Ford Fordor 1947 Police San Diego USA
#51 Nissan GTR Police Arab Emirates
#52 Dacia 1310 Police Romania
#53 Dodge Coronet 1973 Los Angeles Police USA
#54 Nissan Patrol 1985 National Guard Portugal
#55 VAZ-2104 Lada Police Belarus
#56 Volvo 240 Police Sweden
#57 Tatra 603 Police Czechoslovakia
#58 Subaru Legacy Police Switzerland
#59 Mercedes W123 GAI Police Moscow USSR
#60 Willys Rural Police Brazil
#61 Opel Omega Switzerland Police Switzerland
#62 Volvo 343 Holland Police
#63 Barkas West Germany Police
#64 Citroen 2CV Ertzaintza Spain Police
#65 Fiat 615 Carabinieri Italy Police
#66 Peugeot J7 Brussel Police Belgium
#67 Ford Galaxie 500 1964 NYPD
#68 Opel Kapitan 1951 East Germany Police
#69 Ford Econoline Colombia Police
#70 Mercedes-Benz W114 Qatar Police
#71 Daewoo Espero S South Korea Police
#72 Saab 900 Turbo Finland Police
#73 Volvo 244 Norway Police
#74 UAZ- 469 Estonia Police
#75 Pontiac Chieftain 1954 Cuba Police
#76 Renault 4L Garda Ireland Police
#77 Volvo 164 Sweden Police
#78 DAF 33 Dutch Police
#79 Mercedes-Benz W108 Kuwait Police
#80 VW Beetle 1970 Afghanistan Police
##Special edition 1 Fiat Campagnola 1959 Italian Carabinieri Police
##Special edition 2 Rayton Fissore Magnum 2,5 TDI Italian Police
##Special edition 3 Subaru Forester 2007 Italian Police
##Special edition 4 Mitsubishi Pajero SWB 1998

I have many other police cars in my collection which are of other diecast brands, which do you think is best for catching the criminals?

Police Cars
a selection of Police Cars from around the World